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FKJ - Die With A Smile (Live)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 10, 2017
  • From the album "French Kiwi Juice" out on Roche MusiqueBuy/Stream: by Le Sofa: Pierre WrobelRéalisation/Montage: Lucille Descazaux DA: Valentin FilletIn partnership with l'Aquarium de la Rochelle: FKJFacebook : : : : Musique Facebook : : : :, Deezer, Apple Music… : :
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  • Monoman03


     2 years ago +1037

    I don't think we realize what we have on our hands here

  • Callista Musheluka

    Callista Musheluka

     11 months ago +259

    Lyrics :
    I will die with a smile x4
    with a smile x1
    I will die with a smile x7
    Die with a smile x2
    ooooooooooh x2
    thank me later 😹

  • Skyjuice70


     2 years ago +886

    Some people are just born to do it.

  • Daniel Vasquez

    Daniel Vasquez

     2 years ago +621

    Fkj, daniel Caesar, frank ocean and Kendrick in a collab would destroy my heart

  • baosoulshiner


     2 years ago +471

    i'm dreaming of a crazy collab between FKJ and SADE ! <3

  • Cristian Horta

    Cristian Horta

     2 years ago +251

    Who's listening to this on repeat?

  • Gabe Issa

    Gabe Issa

     a years ago +238

    The second 2:20 hits I honestly can't describe how incredible of a feeling that sound is to my ears. Then the sax hits, and I lose my mind.



     2 years ago +1289

    This is ART

  • Aaron Gaviria

    Aaron Gaviria

     2 years ago +52

    Que se sentirá ser el mejor en algo? Sin duda nació para hacer música. Talento innato.

  • Lau _2330

    Lau _2330

     2 years ago +751

    When the fish are luckier than you listening to FKJ live.
    I love you another thing FKJ :3

  • Andrew Knapp

    Andrew Knapp


    Perfect fish tank music. Seriously, this is on another level completely.

  • JaytheJem


     2 years ago +137

    Accidentally clicked on this and I'm so glad I did, wow

  • purplesky


     2 years ago +142

    I want to be the shark chilling behind him

  • Sinethemba Zweni

    Sinethemba Zweni

     4 hours ago

    I felt the minute you started playing. You are nothing but part of creaTion. I wish you, to be in every song.i understanD bro

  • KaZoua Thao

    KaZoua Thao

     2 years ago +100

    I love that you can see his silhouette, it just makes this experience more memorable and magical

  • jeffrey mbugua

    jeffrey mbugua

     2 years ago +125

    Oh man, this guy is a blessing to humanity!
    1:37 was just insane

  • Janie Bush

    Janie Bush

     7 months ago +9

    I’m crying right now..I’m trying to sleep and today is my first day quitting cigarettes.
    This song has helped me feel relaxed. 💜

  • Thobie Buntaran

    Thobie Buntaran

     2 years ago +78

    fkj makes me want to suicide then reincarnate into one of these jellyfish

  • Edson Paz

    Edson Paz


    Minuto 2.21 hay que subir el volumen , ojalá
    Con Subwofer !!!!

  • Anna M

    Anna M

     2 years ago +240

    Fkj, Snakehips, cosmo's midnight are thee of my favorite artists within the electronic music genre. I've been listening to all three for such a long time now. But recently, I've found a renewed love for FKJ. I mean this guy blends ambient, electronic, jazz, blues, r&b and funk in his music. He plays a lot of instruments. His live sets are fkn amazing and you can really see the artistry he puts into his songs. And He works with June Marieezy who is talented, beautiful and amazing. What's not to love about Mr. French Kiwi Juice?