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How To Make Ramen

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Today I show you how to make authentic Japanese ramen. You won't believe it's homemade! You'll love this delicious homemade ramen. This is the exact same ramen recipe that is used on a daily basis by chefs all throughout Japan. Never made ramen before? Don't worry! Simply follow the step by step instructions. It's quick & easy! Will probably take you longer to clean up.

    There are a few different types of ramen. The most popular ones are; Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen & Tonkotsu ramen. This recipe video can be used to make all of these - Simply substitute some of the ingredients to your desired ramen.

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    i like how the music doesn't stop like everything is okay

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    cleaner:can i have a bre-
    HowToBasic:*no clean NOW*
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    dat noodles... I NEED ITTTTTT

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    I made this for date night with my gf

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    Cashier: A lot of noodle packets you got there?
    HowToBasic: Y E S

  • وأفوض أمري إلى الله

    وأفوض أمري إلى الله

     3 hours ago

    There is a lot of poor people in our world and you do a stupid thing with this noodle ??! But you prepared a real good Ramen 👍

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     4 hours ago

    Uncle Ben noodles?

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    Je suis désolée mais c'est absolument pas drôle toute la nourriture qu'il a fait aurait pu servir à nourrir plus 200 personnes et il ose gâcher tout ça. Faut pas s'étonner de la pauvreté dans le monde avec ce genre de truc qui sont censé être "drôles"

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    Craft or Mine IRL

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    I was expecting what is called ' a normal video.' L🤣L

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     4 hours ago

    ngl this is actually the best ramen tutorial ive seen

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    Both me and my daughter wonder what happened to the bone pork with the mushrooms and onions? :(

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    You wasted a lot of water

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    I get this in my Recommended after watching a Mee Krob cooking video, after watching that South Park episode lmao

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    At 8:01 here we begin with the video

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    First time ,you get the paccience for Ramen ,and no explote during the video recipe xD

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    9:28 когда решил заварить себе кучу пачек дошика

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    Where the fuck did the noodles come from😂😂

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