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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 30, 2011
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  • Puffie Animates

    Puffie Animates

     1 months ago +2378

    The video is telling us that the education system (in Japan, to be more specific, but it can apply to education systems all over the world) is forcing student to be perfect (to be the same).
    Students have numbers for names because they're just another perfect, ordinary student. The have zippers on their mouths to represent the fact that they cannot speak up due to the adults thinking that it's good if everyone is perfect, and the kids know that they won't have a change of heart no matter what and will get punished, so they don't break the zippers to do so (until the main character does so).
    At the beginning, it shows us that the boy sees a dog getting hit by a train everyday, meaning that everyday the same things happen over and over again.
    At the end, when the kids run outside of the school, the students start a riot to show the adults that they aren't satisfied with the education system. Meanwhile, the boy spots the dog about to get hit by the train. Wanting to break the cycle of his everyday life, he saves the dog, but unfortunately, he bleeds to death from the train hitting him.
    The boy laughs because he finally breaks the cycle by finally doing something in his life for once when the dog ran out of his arms.
    The train represents they need to be perfect and the dog represents the students' happiness. the same dog gets hit by the same train everyday, as the boy sees it happening whenever he goes to school. This symbolizes that all the students' happiness gets destroyed when they are forced to be perfect, it just gets boring and the kids hate it. When the boy saves the dog, it represents that he just saved his classmates from the agony of being perfect. Right before the dog runs, he looks at the train track, analyzing what had just happened, he becomes scared and runs away from the track. This foreshadows/represents that the kids might escape from the misery of being perfect.

  • Chinese Cookie

    Chinese Cookie

     1 months ago +959

    70% of the comments: 2019?
    30%: the moral of this story
    90%: random comments
    10000%:Japanese comments

  • Lucy Gilroy

    Lucy Gilroy

     1 months ago +865

    Their class: dead silent, no talking, not one sound...
    My class:

  • Cryptø


     28 days ago +236

    Some people made the explanations already but I noticed the teacher is wearing a mask with a happy face on it. Meaning he too, like the students, are forced to be perfect. To wear a smile even if he's not even happy.

  • Lee Bruce

    Lee Bruce

     a years ago +9808

    Here's what's going on
    One of the boys in the world keeps seeing the same things, over and over. The dog keeps being hit by the train, nothing changes. At school he's perfect. For getting goals he gets simple claps of congratulations. He sees his 100 on his paper and thinks 'Why do I go on like this?! What's coming out of it?! A simple clap and and pat on the back?!'
    The adult fails to see what's wrong, he's perfect just like the other kids. The child finally opens his mouth and shows everyone what's going on! So they open their mouths too and start doing something different. This time when he sees the dog he chooses to save it ending the loop forever. So he laughs, he finally did something different! He ended it! So he chooses to end his life by laughing



     21 days ago +266

    Moral of the story:
    Do not make a homework.

  • Arya Zaccai

    Arya Zaccai

     1 months ago +509

    How much grey do you want?
    Takuya Okada: YES

  • zoo - zoun

    zoo - zoun

     28 days ago +112

    Their class: like a silence cage

  • Art. Hœ

    Art. Hœ

     1 months ago +109

    This low key creepy af

  • Mohamed Salah do cajado

    Mohamed Salah do cajado

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  • Ejahdii Elair

    Ejahdii Elair

     2 days ago +4

    What song is in the background??
    Edit: Actually, I found the song after commenting, it's Frédéric Chopin's "Sonata No.2 in B-Flat Minor for Piano, Op 35:III Marche Funébre (Funeral March)"

  • もんパキ


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  • Taylor x Dunne

    Taylor x Dunne

     1 months ago +29

    0:15, 1:26, 2:44, 2:47 and 3:42 SCARED TF OUT OF ME, I'M SO LUCKY I DIDN'T GO FULL SCREEN :(

  • Toaster


     4 months ago +3048

    This was posted in 2011 but YouTube shows me it 8 years later 😂
    Edit:7 years not 8 Lul

  • accession knowledge

    accession knowledge

     1 months ago +130

    2019___🙄😊 ok let't put this in recommended ......😂

  • El Kumamon

    El Kumamon

     1 months ago +48

    Bueno, aquí mí teoría porque no entendí nah' y supongo que muchos, tampoco xd Cualquier detalle en los comentarios iría bien.
    La lírica va sobre un régimen estricto y perfecto donde los niños que podrían representar el futuro no tienen derecho a opinar. Están encadenados a una disciplina perfecta, se asemejan a robots, son insensibles. Los profesores fingen interés en el tema, pero la realidad es que no intervienen. Tras la negación de callar uno de ellos hizo que los demás también se animaran a hablar, dejar la escuela donde los ataba a un ciclo constante de obligaciones sin elección alguna.
    Aquel riesgo que se tomó intentando salvar al perro lo hizo sentir vivo, un logro que finalmente le trajo felicidad.

  • 3億円を盗んだ下北沢のならず者


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  • Emily House

    Emily House

     2 years ago +2824

    The zippers are a perfect representation of children in today's society that they don't have a voice and their voice doesn't matter. They're expected to be quiet in class, respect adult rules damaging mental health and cognitive desicions which are crucial to make when you're young. We're forcing children to be mindless robots. The soccer was historical. Not a single child faught back with the equalizing scores while they were playing soccer. They let themselves lose to please the adults in making them become more like robots. And I don't think this is a future representation, I fully believe this is a huge depiction of today's society. It's ironic how the ending was presented, because I understand the feeling they were trying to put into it. The boy tried to save the dog, but the dog didn't care and got hurt in the meanwhile. It was never worth it, nothing will change. Not the pollution, rules, morals, perspectives, schools. This video is spot on with representing our world today.