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Stan Efferding KOMPLETTES Seminar in THOR's Powergym

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Stan Efferding erklärt im Seminar seine Ernährungsphilosophie. Vielen Dank für die Nutzungserlaubnis!


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  • Heilen durch Hundauflegen

    Heilen durch Hundauflegen

     10 hours ago

    Steroid monsters... *slow clap*

  • Alabama T.E. #88

    Alabama T.E. #88


    Thank you so much for this info, I had YouTube running on my TV and it shuffled to this video. I listened to this as I scrambled to pick myself up for the gym. At 260lbs, I listened and found my CPAP on letgo for $220 and like new. I also subconsciously started craving my pickles after listening to you talk about sodium. As a Chemical Engineer, I really appreciate you talking to people with a level head. Too many people act as if they have the degrees and time in the lab. Telling people what the research says and telling them where you got that info is invaluable in this industry. I knew I could trust you when you spoke about cholesterol. Thanks man. And btw the way you spelled vegetables got you my sub lol. It was nolstagic and instantly reminded me of my childhood watching Dexter's Lab 😂(

  • Gilbert Talamantez

    Gilbert Talamantez

     2 days ago

    Bro Stan is big and ripped all year long💪 his diet is awsome threw away chicken and started eating red meat with probiotic enzymes to help break the meat down i feel and look better than i ever had!

  • rick embers

    rick embers

     2 days ago

    1:02:00 Jack of all trade’s master of none



     3 days ago

    Yea sleep is my biggest issue been training my ass off and I lost 45 lbs but been stuck at 196 for months and I know it’s cause of poor sleep

  • nonfictionone


     4 days ago

    'calcium from dairy'... studies have proved people who eat more dairy have more bone breakages as they age, and weaker bones. All that calcium from dairy stuff is marketing - a big corporate trying to sell you something. And there's plenty of other stuff in here to that is just plain wrong, provable by researching the science. Plenty of good stuff, but this is NOT gospel.

  • Dave Price

    Dave Price

     6 days ago

    I know multivitamins are mostly pissed out. Would it be a good idea to take 3 spread out throughout the day?

  • jj oo

    jj oo

     7 days ago +1

    "Sleep is a Weapon," both the abundance and lack of quality thereof.

  • Ronald Burgandie

    Ronald Burgandie

     7 days ago +1

    Rule #1... injections into the ass and shoulders. Stan is a clown with a cooler in a cooler in a cooler in a cooler

  • Prabin Benzema

    Prabin Benzema

     7 days ago

    Anyone so called fitness guru on Youtube would have endorsed protein powders mentioning the brands but Stan did not, in fact he focused on whole foods, it is a small example yet significant how professional and great guy he is. Loved this video, thanks for uploading it.

  • Aaron Sime

    Aaron Sime

     7 days ago +1

    Dude is breathless

  • Mani Matter

    Mani Matter

     7 days ago

    One of the best natural bodybuilder

  • Slinerthe onegod

    Slinerthe onegod

     7 days ago +2

    i love watching steroid heads talking about health not that they are wrong in most areas, just funny

  • keeper01


     7 days ago

    lol canola is a plant, but agree with everything

  • blaaa


     14 days ago

    Some people never grow up....

  • ezzcenter


     14 days ago

    Are you serious about advising people to take table salt ?

  • Steen Randa-Boldt

    Steen Randa-Boldt

     14 days ago

    What kind of an asshole eats a lamb.

  • Steen Randa-Boldt

    Steen Randa-Boldt

     14 days ago

    SOS. SALT OIL SUGAR.... dont eat it

  • Steen Randa-Boldt

    Steen Randa-Boldt

     14 days ago

    All meat courses cancer

  • אדיר קחשרו

    אדיר קחשרו

     14 days ago

    you changed my life for ever .. In this video, you summarize everything I learned from the Internet in a scattered way - good for you