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Wrestling vs Rugby 7s - Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • Can Swedish wrestler Sofia Mattsson bring down 100 kg rugby 7s champion Sam Cross?Two world-class Olympians swap sports with surprising results: http://bit.do/SportsSwapENSubscribe to the official Olympic channel here: http://bit.ly/1dn6AV5Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end: http://www.olympicchannel.com
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Bhctd6ws2fQ


  • Azariah Thomas

     10 months ago

    All we wanted to see them do was wrestle, fall in love, or both.

  • Marco mark

     7 months ago

    but nutting happend

  • Petreanna Aching

     1 years ago

    "First time being tackled by a girl; it was good."

  • Young Experiment

     5 months ago


  • lizzy g

     7 months ago

    i dont think he meant to say it like that

  • HeadBlasted

     10 months ago

    if they didn't fall in love after this i guess love really don't exist

  • MMA king

     10 months ago


  • msinanc

     8 months ago

    These sport swaps gave me more insight about those sports then watching their plain versions. You've made me watch many sports that I never would've clicked. Thanks, great idea.

  • Adolfo Mayorga

     4 months ago

    so kids... that's how I met your mother

  • adraim91

     10 months ago

    This is why an incredible amount of doin' it happens in the Olympic village.

  • Honour and Tradition

     2 months ago

    @ich meiner When they went to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics I remember that it hit the news that they had to hire an specialized engineer to boost the sewage system of the area so it could handle all the condoms being flushed down the toilet

  • ich meiner

     3 months ago

    @Jordan Torres Too lazy to look it up myself right now, sorry, but just google how many condoms get handed out for free in the olympic villages in order to prevent spreading diseases. Don't remember the number, but it was A FREAKING LOT of rubbers 😂

  • deliman7203

     1 years ago

    They make a cute couple.

  • Nech Tuazon

     7 months ago

    Daniel Y Chow That would be more fun! LOL! It would be very competitive.. Hahahaha

  • Daniel Y Chow

     7 months ago

    @Nech Tuazon they need to do one with Siblings

  • Ana Dumbrava

     10 months ago

    Haha the episode of sports swap I've always wanted

  • Lindsay Barajas

     8 months ago

    I have to admit that I started crying of laughter the way she flopped on the bag lmao I loved her in this video and it was so adorable😂

  • Makke Manninen

     6 months ago

    That was the definition of Pomf~

  • Jerry

     6 months ago

    Man, the way she tackles that bag... 😂😂