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Jordyn Woods Life After Kylie Jenner

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • The Truth About Jordyn Woods' Life After Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal. Why Did Kylie Jenner Unfollow Jordyn On Instagram Once And For All? Subscribe: now we’re absolutely positive you know about what happened between Tristan Thompson and his relationship with Khloe Kardashian since the whole thing went down with as much drama as possible and involved the best friend of makeup mogul Kylie Jenner. We’re sure you’ve seen the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith but did you know she was apprehensive about conducting this big interview? What happened to Jordyn Woods life and personal relationships when this all went down? Could this have caused damage to her career? After all, being a full time bestie doesn’t exactly pay the bills. We’ll talk about what finally inspired her former BFF to finally unfollow her on social media months after the drama unfolded. Is she still moving forward with her modeling career and whatever happened to the images of her which once graced the Good American website? We’ll take a closer look at this star’s Instagram Account and what meant so much to her about getting to appear in the Rick Ross music video for his song “Big Tyme.” What do you think about the fallout from this notorious cheating scandal? Do you think she got off with too few repercussions for her actions which were at best dishonest? Or do you think she’s suffered enough from the consequences of her actions? Let us know what you think about this scenario in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at TheTalko. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: more videos and articles visit:
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  • Eliza _

    Eliza _

     14 days ago +1063

    I think who got off easy was Tristan Thompson who is a repeated cheater but got nothing from the media or people.

  • Hamzies h

    Hamzies h

     14 days ago +2125

    I don't hear kylie's best friend , now its jordyn woods and I love that

  • Queen Sparkle In Texas

    Queen Sparkle In Texas

     14 days ago +342

    Wait...So,Jordyn got a haircut 💇🏽‍♀️ and It was believed that Jordyn could no longer afford Hair Extensions....That is the most ignorant, insane, slightly disrespectful, assumption I’ve ever Heard.🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Darknino Liberté

    Darknino Liberté

     14 days ago +1736

    You see what happens when you drop the negativity in your life 😁😁

  • Samantha Hidalgo

    Samantha Hidalgo

     14 days ago +1216

    No more pretending for her. That’s so healthy for her soul that’s why she’s shinning on her own. ♥️

  • Jade Kentron

    Jade Kentron

     7 days ago +244

    They, Khloe, was so upset because Jordyn jumped in front of the story before she could spin it as they always do. Jordyn learned from the masters and beat them.

  • April Chow-chee

    April Chow-chee

     7 days ago +168

    She's one of the few who came back from the Kardashian family and her career and life didn't fall apart

  • Bad Guy

    Bad Guy

     14 days ago +1362

    Jordyn is making money now. Y’all can kiss my 🍑 I’m team jordyn all the way



     14 days ago +563

    she’s free now

  • Dee Dee2008

    Dee Dee2008

     7 days ago +160

    Let's be clear, Kylie stop following Jordyn has nothing to do with James Harden, it has everything to do with her success. Jordyn is everywhere and it's eating Kylie alive that Jordyn don't need her and she living her best life without Kylie. So pretty much she unfollowed her out of jealousy

  • Ellek 1099

    Ellek 1099

     14 days ago +1000

    Who hasn’t dated a Kardashian . Khloe is a hypocrite she steals everyone’s man

  • Chanel Mone

    Chanel Mone

     14 days ago +258

    The way Khloe acted I thought they were still together 😂😂😂. She did way too much with all that bad acting, yelling, & tears about Jordyn/Tristan.

  • Melissa Haletky

    Melissa Haletky

     14 days ago +733

    Khloe is the kueen of taking others boyfriends. I can't feel bad for her.

  • Sophia Biluchi

    Sophia Biluchi

     7 days ago +120

    Her name is not Kylie’s best friend she is jordyn woods now and she is so happy

  • Sucielle Whitehead

    Sucielle Whitehead

     14 days ago +555

    Being around them damn Kardashian's was blocking her blessings

  • Amanda Martin

    Amanda Martin

     14 days ago +200

    I think she already had a life but getting away from those witches will do her a great deal of good!

  • Kier Mc

    Kier Mc

     14 days ago +288

    I feel that Jordyn Woods is doing well.

  • Shaun Brown

    Shaun Brown

     14 days ago +526

    That girl can finally breathe! Why the HELL would she want to get back in good graces with that toxic family!

  • Ashley K

    Ashley K

     14 days ago +503

    I'm glad she's moved on in spite of. Its been several months ago and it was a long overdue breakup

  • Raven 2002

    Raven 2002

     14 days ago +68

    I'm tired of Kylie's followers acting like Jordyn is just lost without Kylie. Kylie is lost without Jordyn and HAD to chose between a friend and a family member. Trust me if the pressure wasn't on Kylie to drop Jordyn she would still be friends with her. I read that Kylie found out about the kiss & was just going to keep quite about it but big mouth Khloe made it into a huge scandal and ran with it. The truth of the matter is that Jordyn is doing better than ever without Kylie & everyone hates it. The Kardashians thought that Jordyn's life was over but in reality the scandal made good things come her way.