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Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 15, 2018
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  • novembermember



    I sleep like shit all week because of work but those friday nights to saturday mornings are heaven.

  • xxnonstopdancingxx


     2 days ago

    There is a reason that he always wears sunglasses. Piss holes in the snow.

  • 547 AK

    547 AK

     2 days ago

    Now with all due respect what the fuck do you mean if navy seal could do it...? You are nowhere near that level

  • Chenshilong Sun

    Chenshilong Sun

     2 days ago

    When you just finished eating cheese burger and fries...

  • atty liz

    atty liz

     3 days ago

    DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM ... damn good takeaway in this vid! Super thanks for this upload! God bless from the Philippines!

  • Kevin Cummings

    Kevin Cummings

     3 days ago

    If I don’t get a good 13 hours, I’m an asshole. Well, I’m an asshole either way.

  • Robert Jeffries

    Robert Jeffries

     3 days ago

    I find it hard to believe that your daughter wakes at 7am, you make such a lengthy breakfast, then she is ready and out the door by 7:30am....where can I buy a time machine just like yours?

  • guillelainez


     4 days ago

    Easy when your work starts at 10AM not 7AM.

  • www


     4 days ago +1

    Sleep is so important. Getting 8 hours sleep a night benefits every biological process in your body. You'll feel better and live longer . Don't listen to this guy.

  • Luigi Deliu

    Luigi Deliu

     4 days ago

    Anyone see the wine, wiskey and vodka in the back at 8:24 xD damn

  • Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT

    Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT

     5 days ago

    Why the glasses how insecure can a man child be

  • Steve I

    Steve I

     5 days ago

    Anyone else laying in bed super late at 4+am watching this waiting to fall asleep???

  • Matthew Brown

    Matthew Brown

     5 days ago

    I use to rise at 0445 to be at work by 0600. I had a 9 hour day at work & then home to go off to university. It was my routine week days for 5 days a week for 12 months. I found I did so much more getting to work at 0600 & having 1.5 hours to myself as I paid bills by phone, wrote emails & correspondence before the noise came around me.

  • mikes361


     5 days ago

    I enjoy getting up early but i require taking a nice nap in the late morning if i can.....

  • Henders K Peal

    Henders K Peal

     5 days ago

    Wow he sounds like a hoot

  • Oshin Biswas

    Oshin Biswas

     6 days ago +6

    I’m 14 and I wake up at 6 am every morning for my job as a paper boy

  • Chef Dad

    Chef Dad

     6 days ago

    Most people don’t have such a chill job. You get to pick going to work at 10am lol

  • eby mathews

    eby mathews

     6 days ago

    This is the best wake up early time management say no to dougnut VLOG ive seen

  • eby mathews

    eby mathews

     6 days ago

    Just because i get up in the morning at 4am ill say NO to dougnuts....... hell no

  • Lucky Me !!

    Lucky Me !!

     6 days ago

    Why Casey is not cute !!?