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CHICKEN FRIED RICE RECIPE/howto make chicken fried rice/restaurant style chicken fried rice

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • WELCOME TO SUNEETHA KITCHENS]TODAY'S RECIPE-CHICKEN FRIED RICEINGREDIENTS;chicken -300grmsbasmathi rice-1cup(200grms)chilley powder-1tbsgaram masala-1/2tbssalt-as per the tastecorn flour-2tbsegg white-1turmeric powder-1/4tbsred food colour-1pinchginger,garlic paste-1tbsoil-for deep fryingchopped vegetables;capsicum-1/2cupcarrot-1/2cupginger-1/2inch piecegarlic cloves-4beans-1/2cupcabbage-1/4cupblack pepper powde-1/2tbsPREPARATION METHOD FOR CHICKEN FRIED RICE;first,wash the chicken & chopped into small in the chicken bowl,add all the above spices.mix it well & keep aside for minimum,boiled basmathi rice for 15mins,rice is 90%,oil for deep frying.add chicken pieces in the hot oil,fry for 4mins on MF.,cook un til golden brown.take them,heat the kadai on high a bowl,add 3eggs & whisk it well.add1tbs of oil,once the oil is hot,add egg mixture & cook for 1min,take them,add 2tbs of oil & add all chopped vegetables & cook for 3mins on,add scrambled egg & fried chicken pieces,stir it well & cook for 5mins on,add salt to taste,black peppeer & white pepper powderschilley powder & garam masala powders.soya sauce & vinegar and finally add chopped corriender leaves.cook for 3mins on MF.that's it chicken fried rice is ready to serve & enjoy!!!...........................................super quick chicken fried rice,better then takeout chicken fried rice,easy chinese chicken fried rice,chicken fried rice in restaurant style,authentic chicken fried rice,chicken fried rice in sanjeev kapoor,chicken fried rice in tamil,chicken fried rice in telugu,chicken fried rice in hindi,[\"How to make chicken fried rice\,",\"chicken fried rice\",,\"chicken fried rice video reccipe,\",\"chinese chicken fried rice\,",\"chinese food-chicken fried rice,,\",\"chicken fried rice preparation,\",\"chicken fried rice-easy recipe\,",\"how to prepare fried rice\,",\"chicken fried rice recipe\",,\"spicy Indian chicken fried rice\,",\"quick chicken fried rice recipe\",,\"making of chicken fried rice\"[\"Chicken\",,\"Kitchen\",,\"Cooking\",,\"Restaurant (Industry)\,",\"Chicken Meat (Food),\",\"Fried Rice (Dish)\,",\"Rice (Food)\",,,\"DIY\,",\"India (Country)\",,\"Indian Cuisine (Cuisine,)\",\"Punjabi Cuisine\",,\"Basmati (Food)\,",\"Capsicum (Ingredient)\,,",\"Bell Pepper (Ingredient)\,
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    hi Sunita Chowdary super fried rice recipe Kadai super

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    Don't mix red color powders

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    I don't like adding vegitables in nonveg taste LL not b gd

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    I wanna to know the recipe of momo making can u pliz help me

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