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Biles. Is. Back.

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 23, 2018
  • Four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles and new coach Laurent Landi talk about her return to training in 2018.
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  • Katie Mcglinchey

    Katie Mcglinchey

     a years ago +1840

    Omg I thought the title said “Biles. Is. Black”😂

  • Jay6459


     a years ago +2322

    She's the only reason I care to watch woman's gymnastics. There, I said it. Bold enough to state she will go down as being the greatest female gymnast ever.

  • E Long

    E Long

     a years ago +930

    I’m sure the rest of the worlds gymnasts are like damn😂

  • mariam


     a years ago +1022

    Wooow, Simone it was disrespectful for you to come for my edges like that. The new skills I have just seen, have snatched me bald.

  • Sereniti Stewart

    Sereniti Stewart

     a years ago +2812

    #2020 Olympics You Got This Simone!!

  • Kojo Baidoo

    Kojo Baidoo

     a years ago +820

    Holy crap she’s going to be way better than she already was. I didn’t know that was possible. Those new skills look amazing, I can’t wait for Nationals and Worlds!!!



     a years ago +1606

    Double Double off beam? Piked jaeger? Front full step out into a full in into a leap? Van Leeuwen? Triple Yurchenko?! Fabrichnova on BARS?! and A Moors but in a double twist the second flip?! NEVER SEEN THAT DONE BEFORE!!!! WOW

  • Lucio Castro

    Lucio Castro

     a years ago +314

    What the coach said about being consistent even in the bad days is so true. Make a habit of working on your craft everyday!!! Even if its only 1 hour or 2, the results speak for themselves if you remain consistent. Try to acomplish something everyday.

  • Jade Eliot

    Jade Eliot

     a years ago +617

    Who the heck does a double double off beam?????!!!! Only Simone Biles

  • Julie Элизабет

    Julie Элизабет

     a years ago +1485

    Not to detract from Simone because she looks AMAZING especially for just getting back in the gym, but her coach is pretty hot.

  • Maddie


     a years ago +1626

    Also this editing is off the charts!

  • JoJo 70

    JoJo 70

     a years ago +469

    He WILL get her into bars finals, of that I have zero doubt. I love that they are both extremely humble and can't wait for her to take to the podium again!! Yes!!!!!

  • mjamitche5


     a years ago +673

    I think the coach's goals are good ones, particularly for Simone to stay healthy. I know they liked to keep WOGA gymnasts rail thin, but we don't need any injuries. I'm glad Simone still looks like Simone. We all know she can win and it is important for her to pace herself.

  • Heather Penn

    Heather Penn

     a years ago +616

    Is that Ashton Locklear training in the same gym with her? I'm glad Simone is coming back. I'm also glad she took time off to decompress and enjoy life. Good to hear bars are improving too.

  • trinibwoy27


     a years ago +791

    That is soo sweet that she asked Madison Kocian and Coach Aimee about getting Laurent to be her new coach

  • Sebastien Acasuso

    Sebastien Acasuso

     a years ago +227

    Look out she comes, again! So, happy to see Simone back. This is a new era in USA Gymnastics. Healty, strong, competitive gymnastics without the, abuse. Simone shall lead the charge!

  • Sally Vee

    Sally Vee

     a years ago +156

    My wig flew off, my soul departed my body, and my body was flopping on the floor before being resuscitated. It's like she never stopped training and is coming back with the skills she had started training last quad except now she has a competitive bars routine!🤯😱😭

  • Hello Therese

    Hello Therese

     a years ago +208

    I'm ready for 6 gold medals in 2020

  • Imminentwinter


     a years ago +138

    This video is gonna have all the international gymnasts quivering. Absolutely incredible, and so happy to have her back!!!

  • Anthony Michael

    Anthony Michael

     a years ago +106

    Everything about her sparkles. She is amazing.