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10 Olympic Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating At The Games

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 9, 2018
  • 10 Athletes who embarrassed themselves by cheating at the Olympics.5 OLYMPIC ATHLETES Caught CHEATING At The Games https://youtu.be/ipDO7rWK_4oSubscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We love watching athletes competing against one another during the Olympics, but some of them are less than honorable. Today, we are going to expose a long history of cheaters going all the way back to 1904. That was the year that runner Fred Lorz decided to just skip the middle of a race and take a car instead. If you think that’s brazen, wait until you hear about how Madeline de Jesus won her race after she pulled her hamstring. We had to admit, as wrong as cheating is, the way that Boris Onishchenko rigged up his fencing was pretty ingenious. Getting caught using illegal substances at the Olympics is bad, but Ben Johnson got caught not once, not twice, but three times! Michelle Smith was never officially caught, but she did get busted for tampering with her test results. Cameron van der Burgh confessed to cheating during his swimming event, and they even had to implement new cameras because of it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalkoTwitter: https://twitter.com/thetalkoInstagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For more videos and articles visit:http://www.thetalko.com/
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CJQDf1_JFSA


  • Neelasha Panda

     1 years ago

    Who’s excited for the Winter Olympics? Talko is awesome!!

  • dinnerandashow

     2 days ago

    Male hormone injection is a crime in the Olympics, yet being a male in a women's sport is legal according to the Olympic committee members.

  • Bee Cy

     6 days ago

    @TheTalko you pronounced de Jesus like Jesus Christ this Hispanic last name is pronounced as de Hesus.

  • Ray

     2 months ago

    Personally thought that the last one was impressive, I mean winning an Olympic medal at 14 years of age without the use of any illegal substance seems amazing

  • Brit Giv


    @Malcolm Rix this.

  • lukak

     2 months ago

    Imagine getting a four year ban at the Olympics.

  • Anthony Kerry

     4 hours ago

    Should be 4 rounds of it making it 16 years

  • I have fallen and i can't reach my keg

     2 days ago

    Imagine, winning Four Year's worth, of SPAM, at the "Upper Class Twit Of The Year" Olympics....

  • ThePinky Bean

     1 years ago

    The girl who was to young and the boy pretending to be a girl

  • Potcha Shamans

     3 days ago

    @Terry Fulds That would be perfectly fine today. In fact, it would be super "brave" and "heroic" he'd probably get the ESPN woman of the year cover too

  • Potcha Shamans

     3 days ago

    Will the tranny get the medal back, since now it is perfectly fine to pretend to be a girl and destroy actual girls at their own sports? Hell, we even all have to agree they are girls now

  • Julia

     1 years ago

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  • Lucas Pair

     23 minutes ago

    Bro wtf

  • Courtney Vlogs

     13 hours ago

    Julia yep

  • blaze of darkness

     7 months ago

    "Your birthday is 3 years and four days late, now were taking all of your hard earned medals."

  • mandas677

     1 months ago

    min yoongleee It’s the opposite actually, she had a competitive edge being younger. For women’s gymnastics most have to retire by the time they are 20. Many countries try to find gymnasts that will be 16 the year of the olympics as the younger the better. Less injuries, more flexible, lighter, shorter, it was a big hit to a lot of teams when they raised the age to 16.

  • dull icecream

     2 months ago

    It is quite a big difference believe it or not.

  • Ben Netterfield

     2 months ago

    Y’all are the best cheats, I just got cheated out of ten minutes of my life

  • Ben Netterfield

     a months ago

    Sam Bettney no sé

  • Ben Netterfield

     a months ago

    solmoman no ducking clue why I I did

  • catie hinkley

     14 days ago

    the 14 year old girl competed with 17 year olds and won the gold no way

  • BrocolliKid

     2 months ago

    Usain Bolt caught drinking Potion of Swiftnest

  • UnRealistic SeaHorse

     1 months ago

    BrocolliKid 😂😂😂

  • Shoopman47

     3 months ago

    I'd say the swimmer guy's defense is pretty valid as the video clip literally shows multiple guys using more than one kick.

  • Eric Y

     1 months ago

    @hanna dutzer What do you mean? You can clearly see their feet go below their body twice.

  • hanna dutzer

     1 months ago

    Eric Y not exactly it wasn’t in the rule book