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i'm not good with this stuff

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Music by -- https://www.post-zen.com/
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CLCAivpi6x0


  • UnWaNtEd DRiVeR

    UnWaNtEd DRiVeR

     1 months ago

    You were at Colonie Center

  • join the fist 10

    join the fist 10

     3 months ago

    Though that was car a Tesla
    "A full tank of battery"

  • Dan Tech Tips

    Dan Tech Tips

     3 months ago +1

    Did Casey get a Tesla and not make a video???

  • UnWaNtEd DRiVeR

    UnWaNtEd DRiVeR

     6 months ago +1

    You stopped in Colonie Center, lol

  • Mike Chou

    Mike Chou

     7 months ago

    One of my fav video on YouTube

  • Caroline Bray

    Caroline Bray

     8 months ago

    Full tank of battery 😍👍🔌🚗😂

  • Roger Barraud

    Roger Barraud

     9 months ago

    Loving hearing 'Aunt' rather than 'Ant'

  • Roger Barraud

    Roger Barraud

     9 months ago

    4:00 Excellent choice, Casey.
    Proud of ya!

    [As always :-) ]

  • Roger Barraud

    Roger Barraud

     9 months ago

    "I had a food"

  • Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    Gabriel Felix Muñoz

     9 months ago

    didn't want to sit in the car?!!?

  • xACE TKOYx

    xACE TKOYx

     10 months ago

    3:05 is your camera sitting on a water bottle?

  • Leon Sutherland

    Leon Sutherland

     10 months ago

    Your grandmother sounds cool. You should turn her journal into a book i think it could be really interesting

  • Zama


     10 months ago

    Know, aways you inspire me to review myself like a Forest and that's good because in those moments I reconnonize all the power of life we have inside us. Surely in the future, our children may know better this force too. Take care, and my sincere condolences.

  • Don Truell

    Don Truell

     10 months ago

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

  • Chris Abby

    Chris Abby

     11 months ago

    Long story long... Lol

  • heres Butler

    heres Butler

     11 months ago

    the shop with the ties were playing that summer song by childish gambio

  • majorxdf


     a years ago

    I wonder what version of the Model X he has? I think there are 2 different options. The 100D and the P100D. I'm assuming the P100D.

  • CreateSpace


     a years ago

    I think you inherited your grandmother's passion for recording her life for posterity. Was great to hear you both have that connection!

  • Buckarooskiczek Productions

    Buckarooskiczek Productions

     a years ago

    Hey, I’m just a recent subscriber and tend to noodle around your library of work when I’m relaxing and...I just ran across this...this fine piece.
    You know dude, you are your Nana’s legacy. She was a documentarian in her own (write) as are you in film. I felt compelled to add myself as one of the thousands to thank you for sharing this intimacy.
    Don’t stop doing your amazing art.

  • Simon Debbarma

    Simon Debbarma

     a years ago

    You're the best