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Ryzen 3900X Review vs. 9900K - OC, Gaming, Streaming!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/CLwbhxckfqc


  • H930


     21 days ago

    Finally a youtuber that cares about his streamers or people who is getting into streaming and is having a hard time picking between the 3900x and the 9900k!

  • DieTabbi


     1 months ago

    Streaming was with which settings and via nvenc or X.264.?

  • Red Team Gaming

    Red Team Gaming

     1 months ago

    If you used 3600mhz ram you would of got more fps

  • Gio Ng

    Gio Ng

     1 months ago

    why no Temperature comparison?

  • MohondhaY


     2 months ago

    I'm just surprised that the overclocked intel chips showed almost no FPS increase during gaming tests.

  • pseudorandomcoder


     2 months ago

    Thanks for all the info instead of an auto win for AMD. Looks like AMD pushed their CPU closer to the limit before shipping. Was about to order 3900X, now I'm back on the fence.

  • Mr. Rothstein

    Mr. Rothstein

     2 months ago

    Lets be real, professionals who also game need the Ryzen, Gamers will want Intel. I mean if I did not need cores, I would be all over the 9900k. That beast is the 1080 Ti of CPUs. A chip made too damn good.

  • Touch MyPod

    Touch MyPod

     2 months ago

    it’s AN AMAZING CARD, BUT still can’t handle i9 9900k oc’d at stable 5.2 all core. But it’s great for... making Pixar chick flicks

  • drewmorg


     2 months ago

    Please re-run tests streaming 3900X at low settings instead of Ultra. When simply opening OBS with a maxed out GPU you will lose 10% of your frames before pressing Start Stream. I am curious what the hit to FPS is without the GPU being the bottleneck.

  • CALiiGeddon


     3 months ago

    If you were to make a dual computer system what CPU would you use as the dedicated stream capture system? The 9900k or the 3900X? Maybe even consider the 3950X.

  • Honest Mike

    Honest Mike

     3 months ago

    It's really starting to annoy me that literally everyone seems to forgo the 4k benchmarks.

    I get that this is generally because the gap is small, but so many people play at this resolution and yet it seems like not a single benchmark exists.

    When deciding between two incredibly expensive CPUs and their related hardware, I still want to know about the actual differences before I make a purchase. Not the theoretical differences.

    the 1440p benchmarks push me toward intel, but if the gap DOES continue to close, I'd probably go AMD. I just want some evidence before I make a purchase.

  • Ronnie Dai

    Ronnie Dai

     3 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the video editing test, and also can you include an optical flow slow motion test?

  • Dirk York

    Dirk York

     3 months ago

    4.35 on 12 cores? K I'm buying one. Lol

  • Nai


     3 months ago +2

    Intel for Gaming.

  • shaolin95


     3 months ago +2

    AMD fanboys are funny to claim using quick sync is unfair. It's a feature the cpu has that the AMD doesn't. So should we disabled cores from the 3900x then?
    Stop whining. 9900k is just better for premiere simple as that.

  • stratostear


     3 months ago

    Why all the 1080p tests? No one is going to use these for anything less than 1440.

  • Rigg5


     3 months ago

    Why is ram not 3600?

  • Hartham


     3 months ago

    Except I can buy a 9900KF for $600 and a 3900x for $800 in Australia so...

  • Nao Interessa

    Nao Interessa

     3 months ago

    Very good! Finally a fair test!

  • Coaty


     3 months ago +1

    I am so confused, i really love intel. But this CPU just smacks intel. Those few frames lost do not really bother me. I think ill do my first amd build. Sorry intel👋