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Ryzen 3900X Review vs. 9900K - OC, Gaming, Streaming!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Check prices belowAMD Ryzen 3900X: https://geni.us/ARhEAofAMD Ryzen 3600X: https://geni.us/ODjFiBAMD Ryzen 3700X: https://geni.us/zWkwaAMD Ryzen 3800X: https://geni.us/c8m5BIntel i7-9700K: https://geni.us/j6cP93QIntel i9-9900K: https://geni.us/idS4Video gearCamera: http://geni.us/IrGrgYYPrimary Lens: http://geni.us/6cgHSecondary Lens: http://geni.us/OqYZShttps://twitter.com/OptimumTechYThttps://www.instagram.com/alisayed3/https://www.twitch.tv/optimum_techThe above Amazon product links provided by Optimum Tech Media are affiliate links and thus provide us with a financial 'kickback' in the event of purchases.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CLwbhxckfqc


  • Jarrod'sTech

     13 days ago

    Shout out for pronouncing "cache" like a true Aussie 😎

  • Vladimir Yerilov

     10 days ago

    keish? Interesting way to say cache, thanks for drawing my attention to that.

  • iamversatileX

     11 days ago

    Ikr xD

  • Ride The Track

     13 days ago

    All the reviews came out at the same time, I just wanna let you know I clicked yours first :)

  • Camm GTR

     10 days ago

    That's because Brian is the coolest

  • bla bla vodka

     11 days ago

    I saw that comment under several videos from you iirc, lol.

  • Kíre Howard

     13 days ago


  • MaskedLover

     9 days ago

    Really the best or the only one stay with Intel side 🤔Of course fanboy Intel will prefer Intel no matter what.

  • SkilledRebuilds

     10 days ago

    Just pretend Steve Burke is Aussie.The Aussie Review Trifecta.

  • A- JAY

     3 days ago

    So the 9900k is still the best for gaming and streaming at stock ?

  • MrSimon1909

     8 hours ago

    yes. also funny that its actually cheaper than a 3900x with a x570 motherboard. amd needs to overthink their prices.

  • Optimum Tech

     13 days ago

    Note: The 3200MHZ CL14 memory provides near-identical effective memory latency to the 3600MHz CL16 kit everyone is suggesting.For those claiming my gaming benchmarks are incorrect, please feel free to compare my World War Z, Far Cry 5 and Project Cars 2 results to other reviewers like HUB and GN, you'll find that they're spot on. Unfortunately we don't know how the CPUs are going to perform before we test them. For gaming, the 3600/3600X is going to be where it’s at for mainstream gamers, I’ll be ...

  • Let's Fix it!

     10 days ago

    Running 3639 with cl16 and tight timings on OCd 1080ti and not overclocked(PBO only) 2600X and have better results than in your bench. Don't waste the time on benches ATM since we never seen new AGESA, which will make a huge difference for performance

  • Alex Marin

     11 days ago

    @Harry John -- What I said about the 3200cl14 vs 3600cl16 is 100% correct. By AMD’s own comparison the raw latency for 3200c14 and 3600c16 are equal to 67ns. But you are right that ram and infinity fabric are still linked with 1:1 ratio up to 3733MHz (not up to 3600MHz) and after that it falls to 2:1 mode with raw latency getting a massive hit jumping from 67ns to 80ns.

  • dawid c

     13 days ago

    your graphs are so simple and easy to understand!

  • Harry Canary

     13 days ago

    Ahhhh mannn! Great video. I’m a casual “gamer”... thanks for including workload benchmarks!

  • AZI3623

     13 days ago

    The best thing which no other YouTubers have done is the OC testing for both CPU'sReally, I was looking for some of those benchmarks and you just deliver it, thanks mate

  • marmoto liferider

     11 days ago

    @RyTrapp0 now they just have to somehow increase the clockspeed as well. I want to see new gaming king cpus

  • RyTrapp0

     12 days ago

    I've definitely seen others overclock the 3000 series in testing and compare them to the 9900k overclocked. A few have even lock them all out to 4.0ghz with some testing to compare approximate IPC(spoiler: AMD has actually pulled a solid IPC lead over Intel, which is why it's so competitive without reaching 5.0ghz).What IS different is that Ali's testing is, I believe, the only one that I've seen that has actually produced superior performance to PBO+AutoOC. I'm pretty sure the other OC tests I've se...

  • Denislav Georgiev

     13 days ago

    Thank you Optimum Tech. Great video as always. 150K subs soon!

  • Optimum Tech

     13 days ago

    Thanks man!

  • Sheep

     11 days ago

    I would really like to see more livestreaming benchmarks ,across a wider variety of games and with differente presets .