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15 minutes with Zlatan

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 8, 2018
  • Ever wondered what goes on in the head of one of the world’s best football players.
    In an exclusive and deeply personal interview, our friends Calle Schulman and Sladjan Osmanagic, made sure to find out.
    Take your chance to get to know the man, the myth, the lion.

    🇬🇧 English Subtitles available in the settings.


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  • alen tokalic

    alen tokalic

     14 days ago

    He makes every Language Sounds cool 😂👍💪

  • Temporary Kinda

    Temporary Kinda

     21 days ago

    Felt like 5 minutes not gonna lie. He's amazing to listen to.

  • Awaken The Greatness Within

    Awaken The Greatness Within

     28 days ago +1


  • Goal Machine

    Goal Machine

     4 months ago +1

    Idioter som intervjuar

  • Mamun Hasan

    Mamun Hasan

     5 months ago

    If you zlatan please tell him I Love him i have grown up watching him play on tv n now i stil waych his all matches on youtube

  • Alsalih Isihak

    Alsalih Isihak

     5 months ago

    Amazing interview .. When he mentioned guardiola with cool about no need to stay in hotel room in home games .. And also about materrazzi tackling him and he replay it back 8 years later 😉😉

  • JoDe Te

    JoDe Te

     5 months ago +1

    What language is this? Sounds great👌🏻

  • DMTM


     5 months ago

    Kvartsamtal. Ett möte som är på ett video klipp på 15min. Med mycket underhållandet innehåll! =D

  • Karmen Kerman

    Karmen Kerman

     6 months ago

    Sladjan and Zlatan speaks on Swedish and we all know thay can easly unederstand each other on thay own lenagwedge...

  • Jörgen Axelsson

    Jörgen Axelsson

     6 months ago

    Snål satan, Bethard mm , vill se hur han skriker när han brinner av 10 liter diesel.....

  • Becky Lane

    Becky Lane

     8 months ago

    What language is Zlatan speaking in this video?

  • Yoko Hira

    Yoko Hira

     9 months ago +1

    His voice... 😍😘

  • Fadi Scorpio

    Fadi Scorpio

     10 months ago

    Vilken tråkiga frågor 🤮

  • Aterhallsam


     10 months ago

    Spelmissbruk, spelmissbruk spelmissbruk (X2)
    Sabbar liv, sabbar liv, sabbar liv(x2)
    Vad tycker ni? En låtidé till er nästa reklam. Hojta till mig om ni vill ha en vers också!

  • GeorgeUK84


     a years ago

    Lite konstigt att Zlatan känner sig tvungen att hämnas på Materazzi även när de varit lagkamrater i tre år i Inter.

  • Akil Javadi

    Akil Javadi

     a years ago


  • Saga Roos

    Saga Roos

     a years ago


  • Chambers Heros

    Chambers Heros

     a years ago +1

    Zlatan please open up an soccer academy in the whole United States. All over the states in United States.

  • Pashwa Shah

    Pashwa Shah

     a years ago +1

    Because zlatan said england have a chance, it almost came home

  • Sir


     a years ago

    It's me