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Trois Petits Chats [3D animated short film]

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 9, 2014
  • More great short films on "Le blog de Cheeky", the best of 3D animated short film: little cat witnesses the death of his family /// Un petit chat est témoin de la perte de sa famille.Co-direction : Benoît Delaunay - bendelaunay.comAlbane Hertault Lacoste - albanelacoste.blogspot.frMaïwenn le Borgne - Provoost - alexiaprovoost.blogspot.frComposer : Jessica Heus - jessicaheus.bandcamp.comDesign based on Pipos dollsAwardsBest student short film - Effets Stars - France 2012FestivalsSIGGRAPH - Hong Kong 2013SIGGRAPH - USA 2013CutOut - Mexico 2013Festival international des écoles de cinéma - France 2013CPPO - France 2013L'Acharnière - France 2013animac - Spain 2013Yokohama Film Festival - Japan 2013Cortoons - Italy 2013Anima - Belgium 2013ReAnimania - Armenia 2012Effets Stars - France 2012CutOut Fest - Mexico 2012Supinfocom 2012
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  • Ethan :v

    Ethan :v

     9 months ago +2594

    1 like = 1 cat being saved

  • •derpy potato•

    •derpy potato•

     5 months ago +631

    I hope the baby gets adopted so he wont be lonely anymore 😭😭😭😭
    1 like=no more dislikes

  • SticksAnimates


     5 months ago +337

    The worker in the hospital is so useless. Never notice people are dying and a kid standing outside a door hopelessy

  • Why Dont We Imagines

    Why Dont We Imagines

     5 months ago +134

    Look how bright the kitchen was until they died it was all gray :(

  • _ farel993

    _ farel993

     3 months ago +88


  • Scaryeaglesmithwolf jdf

    Scaryeaglesmithwolf jdf

     7 months ago +1045

    20 years later: The Little kitten grows up and finds a cure for this disease and saves billions of lives.

  • Alvarez Vilchez

    Alvarez Vilchez

     3 months ago +179

    In the end, why was the little one suffocating the toy

  • M H Trotter

    M H Trotter

     5 months ago +54

    One like and a 100% percent chance the little cats family will come back to life.

  • Gabrielle Lewis

    Gabrielle Lewis

     6 months ago +181

    I need a moment to cry about this
    It is soo sad
    I can't get over it
    1 like= 1 large prayer for the family

  • Max S

    Max S

     5 months ago +60

    are they like porcelain dolls?
    is that why they are cracking

  • Becka G

    Becka G

     10 months ago +1252

    I have been crying for over half an hour and I don't seem to be stopping. Here's the reason why:
    The mother died right at the beginning, yet the two kids tried their hardest to make it easier for the dad to get through his grief. They seemed to be getting better, and used to the life without the mum. But then the girl is diagnosed with what the mum had, and is quarantined. The father and child are now alone at the dining table, coming to the conclusion that the girl would go exactly the same way the mum went, and they can't do anything to prevent it. The girl is now in quarantine, as white and sickly as the room around her, reeking of death. The father and child watch on, as she dies. When she has a fit, the doctors do not come to help her, likely seeing it as a lost case. The girl cries for her father; a young girl, who has just lost her mother and now is separated from her family, cries to be held in the arms of her father before she dies. The father, still desperately searching for help finds none, and breaches the quarantine, the embrace his daughter in her dying breath. He understands that he will now die, as his wife and daughter did. The child is left out, and cannot see what is going on. He is left alone, without any explanation, brushed off because his family's deaths were inevitable. He looks to the teddy (himself) and is deeply angry. Why did he survive out of everyone? Why was everyone gone? His mum and sister were taken away, his dad left him behind. He (the child) was the one that should have died, not them!
    Isolation, loss and sadness.
    I am still fucking crying.

  • Rainbow glitzcaT

    Rainbow glitzcaT

     4 months ago +48

    i feel so sad im crying 😨😭😭 i almost feel like i was a cat member…

  • Fierce Gacha

    Fierce Gacha

     3 months ago +81

    I’m crying so hard rn I wish I could just hold that little cat and bring back his family 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • lacuna ._

    lacuna ._

     28 days ago +18

    I remember when I first saw this video in 2016. I was crying sooooo much and I still do while watching this😥

  • Natoeri


     3 months ago +19

    This is super sad. I remember watching it back in 2014 I cried then as well and I was left feeling empty. But what gets me the most is the ending. Not the daughter’s death (although I do tear up.) but how that kid looks so lonely, and all he sees are empty chairs and his stupid plush toy smiling at him. It’s like you could tell what he was thinking, “why is it smiling? Why am I alone? Why is it smiling when they’re gone??” I can sympathize with that frustration and him grabbing it and trying to choke it out is the saddest. He started off as what we can tell, a playful and caring kid but when his family is taken he gets so frustrated enough to try to “kill” something. Even though he knows there’s pain in death.
    I also love how it cuts off on that. It doesn’t reveal if the father gets better. Or if he catches it. Or if he goes up for adoption. It just ends on the lonely frustrating feeling of his loneliness.

  • Emely Osipova

    Emely Osipova

     4 months ago +27

    1like =save cats in the world

  • Katerina Ze ignored bish

    Katerina Ze ignored bish

     5 months ago +33

    It's been 5 years since this was out and I'm still crying 😭😭😭😭

  • Maya Ortiz

    Maya Ortiz

     5 months ago +11

    Me: this is a family still sad over the death of the mom
    1:35 (girl cough)
    Me: is she getting sick
    2:33 - 4:43
    5:18 why does the music sound happy?

  • Kitty Alien0

    Kitty Alien0

     3 months ago +14

    It—it wasn’t (sniff)Sad....Your crying not me!(sniff)
    I really love cats so this was really sad for me

  • Mitchell the dead meme

    Mitchell the dead meme

     5 months ago +14

    I have watched this for 3 years now and I'm still sad now and I love it it's cute I wish it was not sad and happy