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Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep & Faded (Live VG-Lista 2016)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 24, 2016
  • My new single "Alone, Pt. II" with Ava Max is out now!
    Check out the song here:

    Alan Walker performing "Sing Me To Sleep" and "Faded" at VG-Lista 2016 in Oslo, Norway.

    Listen to "Sing Me To Sleep":
    Listen to ”Faded”:

    Merch available at


    Singer: Iselin Solheim

    © 2016 NRK
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  • Джек Воробей

    Джек Воробей

     2 hours ago

    Я кончил

  • Арни Чернонегров

    Арни Чернонегров

     11 hours ago

    мне 51 и я слушаю

  • Gamer oko

    Gamer oko

     23 hours ago

    I love Alan Walker songs

  • 林文光




  • Thomas chan

    Thomas chan


    Really Love him and her!

  • พจน์ มาโกนโอ๊ะ

    พจน์ มาโกนโอ๊ะ



  • Igor Rok

    Igor Rok

     2 days ago


  • isolde Gubbels

    isolde Gubbels

     3 days ago +6

    Her voice be like: 📈

  • 행복하세요


     4 days ago

    QLED TV65👍😘😘😘😯🤞🕺

  • Святослав Зарипов

    Святослав Зарипов

     4 days ago

    [Alan Walker Sing me]

  • Rafi Nwe

    Rafi Nwe

     5 days ago

    I like forever

  • pedro gacha

    pedro gacha

     5 days ago +1

    What guy 2020

  • Ángel Rigoberto Guardado Ruiz

    Ángel Rigoberto Guardado Ruiz

     5 days ago

    Que buena cancion sige asi en tu carrera

  • Carlos David Duran zabala

    Carlos David Duran zabala

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  • xmantnt 555

    xmantnt 555

     6 days ago +2

    0:48 someone got thrown across the room 😂

  • Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

     6 days ago

    🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • clarita._. saleem

    clarita._. saleem

     7 days ago

    so beautiful i love you Alan walk

  • IndustrialDonut


     7 days ago

    With this singer I can understand many more of the lyrics

  • Leslie Vargas

    Leslie Vargas

     7 days ago

    And please come to espanola and play the song faded!

  • Leslie Vargas

    Leslie Vargas

     7 days ago +1

    Hey me and my friend Isaiah know the hole song and sing it together every day but my other friends are saying its getting annoying.