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MEMO | Animation Short Film 2017 - GOBELINS

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 14, 2017
  • Synopsis :Louis, retraité, veut à tout prix garder son indépendance face à la surprotection de sa fille Nina. Louis, a retired man, resists the overprotection of his daughter Nina to keep his independence.Sélections : - Spark Animation (Canada, Vancouver)- Festival Voix d’étoiles (France, Leucate)Réalisateurs/Directors :Ines SCHEIBERJules DURANDJulien BECQUERElena DUPRESSOIRViviane GUIMARAESContact Production :GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Moïra Marguin, [email protected] Festival :GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Luce Grosjean, [email protected] :La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l'école de l'image est assurée par L'Agence du court métrage.Contact : [email protected] GOBELINS sur : | Site internet : |Facebook :|Twitter :
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  • Arturo Reyes Cortez

    Arturo Reyes Cortez

     a years ago +4588

    I like that Alzheimer is represented in this film as more than just forgetting stuff. It is a disease that hurts families and makes people don't feel that they have control. I haven't met people with Alzheimer yet, but I consider this a good story to talk about this hard topic.

  • Neon Clover

    Neon Clover

     a years ago +4799

    Did they ever pay for that coffee?

  • Nani_ The_ Quiznak

    Nani_ The_ Quiznak

     a years ago +2046

    I've been having a lot of trouble with my grandma, she's had Alzheimer for almost a year now. I've been struggling how to deal with it. It's like I've never known the person she was before she was diagnosed with it... I don't remember, but I know she isn't herself. She's fighting against it, she really is. She's a strong, prideful woman. But I'm scared, that one day she'll lose the battle, and she'll be gone for good...
    This short master piece, helped me understand it a little bit better. I'm 16 after all, I don't know much. But I'll love my grandmother like I always have. Unconditionally.
    Thank you for this video. ❤️

  • Marine Batsch

    Marine Batsch

     a years ago +1825

    Wow !! Belle représentation d'Alzheimer !

  • Micah Buzan

    Micah Buzan

     a years ago +2536

    This made me tear up. Beautiful animation full of heart.

  • TakeAPill


     a years ago +1120

    The music really makes the animation sad yet beautiful.
    Seeing how Alzheimer's works really hurts

  • Beer Bub

    Beer Bub

     a years ago +617

    im personally really scarred of alzheimer, the thought of finding yourself in nothingness is so horrible

  • monster kid

    monster kid

     a years ago +567

    I'm learning French rn and I feel so accomplished because I'm able to understand some things they are saying with out the subtitles :D

  • Nicole Herrera Hoyos

    Nicole Herrera Hoyos

     a years ago +834

    We can see that feeling of loosing everything... Beautiful short film.

  • H. C.

    H. C.

     21 days ago +121

    this man is lucky because he has a daughter who takes care of him..but there are many abandoned alzheimer people living alone.
    god saves us from losing our minds. amen.

  • Tib Creations

    Tib Creations

     a years ago +284

    Magnifique, l'idée est excellente ! Rare sont les court métrages aussi bien pensés. :)
    L'animation est superbe également !! :D

  • Mendorian


     a years ago +163

    My grandma back in Germany is entering the final stages, only remembers family members after several reminders, while I'm living and working in England. I have been told that calling her would not be doing any good anymore. This was... hard to watch, but very beautiful. Well done.

  • Avinash raj ms

    Avinash raj ms

     a years ago +188

    beautiful movie.. the feeling of forgetting everything was shown effectively. the colour palette was pleasing.

  • TheRamblingSoul


     a years ago +94

    My mother suffers from early-onset Alzheimer's, this animation really spoke to my heart and made me tear up. Thank you for this beautiful short film.

  • animatelife


     a years ago +211

    Bravo a toute l'equipe - une histoire tres touchante et la representation graphique d'alzheimer etait une reussite!

  • wallkick zaby

    wallkick zaby

     a years ago +86

    Thank you for making this. Seeing such a true representation of Alzheimer's reassures me that people will know how this affects sufferers. Thank you again.

  • U423rmps


     a years ago +90

    L'image du blanc qui se répand pour la perte de mémoire fait peur... mais est bien vraie.
    Très beau films et belle animation !

  • AL1 térieur

    AL1 térieur

     a years ago +45

    Je n'aurais pas cru qu'on pouvait représenter alzheimer.
    Travail magnifique

  • Dream-Piper


     a years ago +53

    Anything about Alzheimers and short term memory loss always gets me bawling like a baby T_T

  • Metmarfil


     a years ago +138

    I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO CRY AT WORK! Amazing work! :')