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Is The South China Sea On The Brink Of War?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 27, 2014
  • Reef Madness: The insignificant island chain pushing the south china sea to the brink of warSubscribe to Journeyman: more on this escalating situation visit: downloads and more information visit: Spratly Islands are an unremarkable scattering of reefs and sandbars in the South China Sea. But, rich in resources and claimed by six countries, could they be the trigger for the world's next major conflict?"We call our Kalayaan Island group the submerged Saudi Arabia of the Philippines." Eugenio Bito-Onon is mayor of a seemingly innocuous islet municipality, home to just 150 residents. But with the region crosshatched by important shipping lanes, the undersea bed replete with oil and gas, and the marine life furnishing vast fishing grounds, the surrounding waters are simmering with tension. China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei all lay claim to a portion of the territory, in a little-known diplomatic contest that for decades has regularly brought the area to the brink of war, and put it firmly off-limits to Western media. "China is doing a lot of things besides bullying our fishermen and small navies", explains the mayor as he points out a Chinese development on a small atoll known as 'Mischief Reef'. Here, the only way to secure the land is to occupy it. So as competing claimants continue to build, could this high-stakes game of island Monopoly erupt into a fully fledged conflict?ABC Australia - Ref. 6144Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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  • itzsykez


     5 years ago +31

    Makes me sick seeing them build on top of the reefs and destroying it.

  • Moshe W.

    Moshe W.

     5 years ago +10

    blame who? blame the corrupt politicians of Philippines!

  • left4deadian


     5 years ago +8

    philippine government is just too corrupt.

  • Dannie Jensen

    Dannie Jensen

     5 years ago +40

    ¨"well, I'll leave it in Gods hands"
    Good luck.

  • juliana llagas

    juliana llagas


    We have to develop now the Kalayaan island as a promise by Sec Lorenzana.

  • William Osdborne

    William Osdborne

     5 years ago +9

    Very kind, unselfish, selfless people.

  • Jeric Gonzalesi

    Jeric Gonzalesi


    Is it true that chinese dredging vessel are crushing the reef over the tiny islamd and grind to sand to mix with cement so to built their military strong holds in south philippine territory ? According to theor testimony ?

  • Cesar Caoili

    Cesar Caoili

     3 years ago +7

    If the Philippine gov't officials stops those magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan, they should be concentrating the development of tiny island

  • John Wilson

    John Wilson

     3 hours ago

    Evil china is destroying all the coral reefs. This is VERY bad! Evil gangster china is destroying the earth!

  • Nick Smith

    Nick Smith

     3 years ago +9

    You should have shown a map of the South China Sea to mark the area China is claiming.
    This story without a map, makes little sense.

  • Adrian Alpay

    Adrian Alpay

     5 years ago +5

    salute mga sir, defend our philippine territory

  • Valken


     5 years ago +20

    Modern colonization by China, who would guess.

  • Will Lewis

    Will Lewis

     22 hours ago

    Easy, mine the whole area lol

  • hyman99


     5 years ago +12

    History seems to be repeating itself. Except the Americans need to re-phrase
    that old cliche" the only good chinaman is a dead chinaman".
    May be then there will be peace for all countries around china.
    The chinamans are the hyenas of the human world, only much worse.
    Those dogs at least help to clean up nature, ridding it of filth and pollutions from rotting carcases and wastes. Thus much more useful.
    The chinaman scavenger, however; only produces filths and pollutions.They lived as parasitic leeches on mother- earth. In return they offered sub-standard
    products, often laced with poisonous chemicals to slowly and sometimes;
    deliberately to poison fellow human beings.
    Their filthy tentacles are stretched all over the globe, grabbing, stealing and robbing other nations' precious resources to then waste and squander them by building big, empty cities that serve no purpose other than to line-up the pockets of porky- officials. Sub-par cities that will crumble in a few short years.
    Africa will become 10 times the hell hole that it is now once the chinaman is
    done with it. May God have mercy on the black man.
    As for their fake-ass claim that they owned the Paracels and Spratlys islands for hundreds and thousands of years, well they only can pull the wools over the eyes of their fellow chinaman sheeples.
    If it were really the case, believe me, there would be nothing much left to fight about. As the above docos clearly states, the Dum-fuks have been destroying the corals, home of fishstocks and sea ecosytem so that soon the place will be depleted and polluted just like other chinese lands and territories.
    The only reason those areas haven't been completely ruined is because they only had partial control in the last few decades.
    Eventhough the chinaman is the master of the art of LYING, the truth is they only set foot on the Paracels in 1974 and the Spratlys in 1989 after invading them from Vietnam. Before then, you will be hard pressed to find any trace of the chinaman parasites on the islands.

  • Ez21


     5 years ago +2

    Thank you for your service! I salute u all!

  • enoch powellsghost

    enoch powellsghost

     5 years ago +4

    china should listen to international law abide by it and if the Philippines forgive the Chinese may allow china a piece of the pie.
    the west do see china as the aggressor and in return my stop investments and buying china's goods.
    Remember it was western investments that made china become what it is today.



     3 days ago

    For those who know the history of the pacific will realize how China is doing exactly what japan did leading up to world war 2...the region was peaceful before China s greed awoke.

  • Mchunter


     4 years ago +3

    UN should help and intervention is needed on this problem. Philippines should think for all Filipinos instead of corruption to line their pockets. When is the government think and make the Philippines a well and better place to live for All Filipinos? From the 70s to the present below 70% of Filipinos are struggling to even put food in the table. Chinese businesses ALL over the Philippines and not investing their profit in the Philippines instead they take it to their country and other parts of the world to invest. Filipinos works for them below minimum wages, not a lot of benefits and arrogance were predominant. They made their billions in a country like the Philippines but none or mediocre benefits. I hope Filipinos wake up and not patronize China products. God Bless Philippines and wake up before it's too late.

  • Antarctica


     4 years ago +27

    China claims the most because they feel they have rights to islands that are located in the sea named after their country. By that logic, India could claim any island in the indian ocean. That is a dangerous precedent to set.

  • Tristan van Oosten

    Tristan van Oosten

     5 years ago +11

    Maybe it's time for a South-East Asian-Pacific version of NATO ?