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20 Times Disney Pixar Movies Were Changed In Other Countries

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 19, 2019
  • The Times Disney and Pixar Adapted Their Movies For Other Countries

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    You might think you know everything about your favorite Pixar movies, but are you sure you’ve seen all the different versions? Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some great Disney films and revealing what was changed in other countries. Yes, even movies that take place in other countries, like Ratatouille, have international versions and you might be surprised by which details have gotten changed. There are two very different racers in Wreck-It Ralph and where you live depends on whether you know about Minty Zaki or Minty Sakura. Then, there’s the different voice actors from Finding Dory who provide narration for the Marine Life Institute. The movie Up! has quite a few changes, including Ellie’s Adventure Book and the jar she saves her change in. Inside Out has tons of alternative titles as well as some interesting alterations, including everything from which vegetables Riley eats to which sports her dad daydreams about watching. Monsters University has quite a few switches too, including the cupcakes Randall makes and the banner on display at the annual Scare Games. There are also many different Zootopia news anchors depending on which version of the movie you’re watching.

    What do you think about the international version of these much-beloved movies? Do you wish any of the alternate versions had been incorporated into the one you first saw in theaters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at CBR.


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  • herobasedgameplay hehe

    herobasedgameplay hehe

     14 hours ago

    i like brocolli better than green peppers in fact brocolli is my favorite vegitable especially cooked with butter

  • Алексей Погодин

    Алексей Погодин

     18 hours ago

    Okay, but seriously dude, what do you have against the Russian adaptation of Mowgli? It's not a Disney rip-off, just yet another adaptation which decided to keep much closer to the book, animation is good and it's quite an interesting take on the characters. But I guess you're still not supposed to enjoy the good media just because SOVIET CARTOON BAD

  • Creative Sparks

    Creative Sparks

     21 hours ago

    1:00 that’s a stereotype kids learn..... me and my sister loved all vegetables... people are just followers

  • すし



    1:23 In Japan, the food that kids don't like is peppers it turned into a bell pepper.
    NOT green pepper.

  • Dyed Weasley

    Dyed Weasley


    imagine saying that french doesn't pronounce a letter that doesn't even exist written FOR ONCE.

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  • Ricardo Luis R.R.L

    Ricardo Luis R.R.L


    My name is Ricardo

  • Anna Gotabrobuscus

    Anna Gotabrobuscus


    "Coco" was still named "Coco" in Portugal, so that Portuguese flag in the background when talking about why it was called "Viva!" in Brazil... Hmmngh, a bit of a cringe xD
    Also, "Coco" sounds a lot more like our word for "coconut" in Portugal, rather than "poop"! "Poop" has more strength on that second "oh", the sound is more similar to like... The "aw" in "raw" (but not exactly!). Rather than a soft "oh" like in "cocoa" (and the name of the movie).
    At the very least it reads more like "coconut", since "poop" is spelled "cocó" (emphasis on that lil acute accent friend) and coconut IS just "coco".
    Maybe that's why it stuck here!

  • William Schouten

    William Schouten


    It's a bell pepper, not a green pepper.

  • hoeforwon



    in hungarian inside out is literally called brain elves

  • Harrypotterfan334


     2 days ago

    You butered sakura it’s not sookeera it’s Sockoorah!

  • Isadora Moreira

    Isadora Moreira

     2 days ago

    hahahahah I love it 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💛

  • The Curse After Dred Bear

    The Curse After Dred Bear

     2 days ago

    I'm a adult and I have not got rid of my child phase

  • emanuel vazquez

    emanuel vazquez

     3 days ago

    when he tried speaking portuguese I cringed

  • tomboy_kiki 23

    tomboy_kiki 23

     4 days ago

    He doesn't even say Sakura right....

  • Rikin Thakkar

    Rikin Thakkar

     4 days ago

    Who feeds their baby green peppers

  • An Orange with a million views challenge

    An Orange with a million views challenge

     5 days ago

    The thumbnail in the video that is comparing the USA version with something else, looks like there is a booger in her hair.

  • Starmation


     5 days ago

    I Think Boo Is Violet From Incredibles who agrees

  • Brooke Fander

    Brooke Fander

     6 days ago

    15:33 you pronounced that wrong it’s sack-u-ra

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    Nice fake thumbnail