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Why sports sound better in your living room

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 30, 2018
  • Audio engineers are the unsung heroes of the live sports broadcast.

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    We don’t often think about audio when we watch sports on TV, but it’s a huge part of the experience. We spoke with several A1 audio engineers who mix the sounds of sports to learn more about what it takes to capture the crack of the bat and the swish of the net.

    From the cadence of the quarterback to the sounds of skates on ice, audio mixers are tasked with getting microphones close enough to the action to gather the sounds but still out of the way of the players and the fans.

    Once the microphones are set up, they handle the stressful task of live mixing all the audio for the broadcast, so that we can hear the announcers and the sounds of the game, despite thousands of screaming fans and the PA system blaring music.

    In the end, if they do the job right, you’ll forget they exist.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/DloLoFd3Qvw


  • Vox


     a years ago +530

    Big thanks to the Verge for letting us use footage from a great documentary they made years ago about NFL broadcasts. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2HYSXFN And thanks to Phil Edwards for inspiring this video with a piece he wrote for Vox.com: http://bit.ly/2I2iVs8. If you’re interested in this topic, take some time to listen to this really lovely radio documentary made by an audio engineer who works on the Olympics: http://bit.ly/2jhyzlp -joss

  • Scoobs. -

    Scoobs. -

     2 days ago

    I don’t mind the pa in basketball makes me feel like I’m there

  • jeepeng chow

    jeepeng chow

     3 days ago

    thanks for all the efforts, appreciated!

  • Romi Arkan

    Romi Arkan

     5 days ago

    Because sports broadcasting is so good I don't really feel like I should come to the arena anymore.
    But does that make me less of a fan than the guy next to me who holds a season ticket?

  • ZiiZii


     5 days ago

    Am i the only one that likes irl cheering better

  • toddd toddd

    toddd toddd

     7 days ago

    You guys catch Huston

  • Seti GZ

    Seti GZ

     14 days ago

    The rumble of a full stadium sounds better than the artificial mix at home, just sayint

  • VinylUnboxings


     21 days ago

    Is that a Volvo S40 car stereo?

  • Wanttana


     28 days ago

    Best youtube channel ever ? I think

  • Rishi Mulchandani

    Rishi Mulchandani

     a months ago +1

    Someone reviews the mic'd up sounds....
    Insert Sam Darnold seeing ghosts

  • DaProdigy


     a months ago

    Whoever thought of this video idea deserves a freaking raise. This is something I didn't know I might be curious about but now I am. Great work!

  • 10k subs with No videos

    10k subs with No videos

     a months ago

    You out black and white on the game’s to make them old but it said YouTube tv

  • The Gunny Sarge

    The Gunny Sarge

     a months ago +1

    I get that we would like to hear certain sounds, but why do we need to go so far that we can hear them grunt?

  • Sssaga Benches

    Sssaga Benches

     a months ago

    Last year i was a full year younger.

  • Blazing Insanity

    Blazing Insanity

     2 months ago

    God I hate cowbells. I want to find the man who made the cowbell a tool for cheering, and throw him off a cliff.

  • Brendan Symonds

    Brendan Symonds

     2 months ago +1

    Hearing the PA is better, adds more authenticity and realism.

  • Afif Khaja

    Afif Khaja

     2 months ago

    CNBC and Vox are my favorite news channels on Youtube. The quality and content of information is superb

  • Jhon Candia

    Jhon Candia

     2 months ago

    Interesantísimo. Que gran canal

  • Keyo


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  • Bernard Wright

    Bernard Wright

     2 months ago

    It’s just like making music