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The Danny Duncan Show #1

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Aaron is a friend of mine. He's a Marine veteran, Ironman finisher and current graduate student.
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  • Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

     a years ago +469

    Let me know your thoughts. Love you guys <3

  • Grant Lapachinsky

    Grant Lapachinsky

     2 days ago

    Please bring this back p

  • Swift Cactus

    Swift Cactus

     4 days ago

    I love the podcast style with Danny because most of his videos are about fucking around and being crazy.

  • superhotfire 69

    superhotfire 69

     7 days ago

    Wait Daniel Tosh

  • كل شيء في العالم

    كل شيء في العالم

     14 days ago

    you look exactly like the young James Hetfield damn

  • Sammi Panduh

    Sammi Panduh

     21 days ago

    Love ittt

  • Nick Keesey

    Nick Keesey

     1 months ago +1

    bro no lie i sat in a gas station for 1hr and 50 min lol

  • tjappa schuur

    tjappa schuur

     1 months ago

    Don’t drop your eyes is a great tip!

  • tjappa schuur

    tjappa schuur

     1 months ago

    “I stare at them till they get pissed” 😂

  • Xo Blaytn

    Xo Blaytn

     1 months ago

    buddy sounds like joe from family guy.

  • loud BluntzOnly

    loud BluntzOnly

     2 months ago

    I can watch this over and over Danny fuckin Duncan ! your the best #you take my depression and anxiety away bro watching your vids hella chillen come to corpus Christi TX for one of your vids it will be the best for our city

  • ytmYeti


     2 months ago +1

    Love this '' Never drop your eyes '' advice, need to start applying it. Thanks for having Matthew on, was great listening to this

  • Moosic Channel

    Moosic Channel

     2 months ago

    Make more podcasts fool

  • Kim Fuentebella

    Kim Fuentebella

     2 months ago


  • Camden Hampshire

    Camden Hampshire

     2 months ago

    If somebody could contact me and show me steps to creating and starting up a podcast that would be great. I am new to this and could use some help thank!

  • Khλiry


     3 months ago

    forgot I was subbed to this guy

  • Mr. Thiccy lit XD

    Mr. Thiccy lit XD

     3 months ago

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx. X X. 😅😅🤪🔥 Wweeee

  • idkdrew


     3 months ago

    I’m stealing the app idea. sorry

  • La Lil Goat

    La Lil Goat

     3 months ago +1

    I remember in one of Dannys old videos he said he couldnt afford eggos and had cheap waffles, now hes buying property's so people wont complain about the car he crushed 😂🤙

  • Real Maloyski

    Real Maloyski

     4 months ago

    Do more of these