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I Lost 40lbs By Drinking My Breakfast

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 20, 2017
  • Kane from BuzzFeed try Soylent meal replacement and lost 40lbs after replacing his breakfast. Watch him reveal his weight loss transformation secret and before and after.

    Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/14498

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/EJTZXD2Z1qM


  • space.f.n


     7 days ago

    Is it bad to loose 30 pounds in 3 months?

  • houstonpromotion


     14 days ago

    This is a pretty honest video he said he wants to feel comfortable with himself that’s his goal for him . It’s all about what you want

  • Peony Lee

    Peony Lee

     21 days ago

    - Not about having a good or bad body.
    - It is about figuring out what you want for your own body, instead of ignoring it.
    - the worst thing happened is not being in touch with what is going on.
    - the most important thing is to know what is happening and know how to resolve it.

    This is so inspiring.

  • Arjun Nair

    Arjun Nair

     a months ago

    Consuming just 1300 calories is definitely not enough for your body. It's obvious that he lost weight by starving himself. And that is just not good for u. Consume atleast 2000 calories a day to keep healthy.

  • Park Sheridan

    Park Sheridan

     a months ago

    Those ice-creams melting really bothered me

  • Mishchievious Badger

    Mishchievious Badger

     a months ago

    This video is an AD. I feel like it's some TV infomercial

  • D H

    D H

     a months ago

    Bro your metabolism doesn't slow at 25. Wait till you hit 40 smh.

  • max marrero

    max marrero

     2 months ago

    my foods are liquid , i cant eat solid foods.

  • AkoFN


     2 months ago

    4:48 you don’t drink protein shakes with a straw lmao

  • slythprincess


     2 months ago

    I've been dieting and working out for 3 weeks and 3 days and today I officially lost 10 lbs. My turning point was when I turned 30 this year, I couldn't believe that I was on blood pressure meds and a breathing machine for when I sleep. I plan on having children but I also wanted my body to be as healthy as possible to carry a life. My goal is to below 200lbs. Currently I'm at 233. Wish me luck to keep me motivated!💪❤

  • ruby yang

    ruby yang

     2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the dominoes pizza box at 4:58? 😂

  • Johnsc11904


     2 months ago

    Man. If I drink my smoothie for breakfast I'd be starving in an hour.

  • Zondope D god

    Zondope D god

     2 months ago

    I dnt trust u ... that fat dude is not you

  • Warrior


     2 months ago

    So inspiring

  • Max James

    Max James

     3 months ago

    The fitbit app does the same thing as the lose it app fyi

  • Lucia Little

    Lucia Little

     3 months ago

    rip muscle

  • Owen Bush

    Owen Bush

     3 months ago

    Should’ve just done 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and a 10km sprint every day for 3 years. Smh

  • FazeTrash_TM


     3 months ago

    guys Soylent is legit the only bad thing really for norms is if u have the allergy

  • FazeTrash_TM


     3 months ago +1

    guys Soylent is legit the only bad thing really for norms is if u have the allergy

  • Dre1992


     3 months ago +6

    Who else drinks their breakfast too but with alcohol?