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Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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    It couldn’t end any other way than this. Louis Rossmann is here to FINALLY attempt a repair of our iMac Pro – But will it actually work?

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  • HD 101065

    HD 101065

     22 hours ago


  • Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones


    Think Different

  • Kerim Kerim

    Kerim Kerim

     yesterday +1

    Whenever linus does a collab its just akward

  • Kerim Kerim

    Kerim Kerim

     yesterday +1

    Wouldn't second hand broken apple market be cheap because apple charge so much for repair.

  • Davideo Jockey

    Davideo Jockey


    yea.... i get why people buying mcbooks....but only macbooks all the other stealing money circus i dont get....

  • Death Omen

    Death Omen

     2 days ago

    I mean, apple deserves to get all this shade and be ridiculed for making a device they made so hard to get fixed. Even with customers who were SO willing to pay and do things go get it fixed.

  • MorallyAwkward


     2 days ago +1

    Linus was being a low key dick to Louis!

  • shaggy 977

    shaggy 977

     2 days ago

    now immagine the drive fails.. lotta work to fix a bad drive

  • The Halochief1177

    The Halochief1177

     2 days ago

    this ross guy is funny LOL

  • Perry Bailey

    Perry Bailey

     2 days ago

    There is NO WAY I would spend that kind of money to repair that machine. CRAZY!

  • Harald Schmidt

    Harald Schmidt

     2 days ago +2

    The Apple car:
    Left headlight broken. Oh, wait, we have to replace the engine, the front axle and the air conditioning.

    Tim Cook: "Amazing!

  • Augustin Chenault

    Augustin Chenault

     2 days ago

    Linus, the exposed power supply isn’t that dangerous, it’s highly unlikely that you would even hurt yourself, let alone dying

  • Antonis Antonakis

    Antonis Antonakis

     3 days ago

    The dislike goes to Louis Rossmann.

  • Max MikoLevine

    Max MikoLevine

     3 days ago

    I thought these two superheroes lived in separate universes! Best crossover ever!

  • Doug Wall

    Doug Wall

     3 days ago

    Im really glad you guys make apple dumb shits cry. Good job!

  • TheGandorX


     3 days ago

    Question (about 1.5 years later), why are you not wearing grounding bands, you know, to protect from static electricity and breaking the delicate semiconductor electronics?

  • dubbl dounn

    dubbl dounn

     3 days ago

    if you could clean the inside then you wouldn"t have an excuse to buy the one that comes out next year.

  • Steve Roginski

    Steve Roginski

     3 days ago +1

    Those small capacitors could never injure anyone if touched with the system unplugged. Very large high voltage start/run capacitors used within air conditioning condenser units have very little chance of inflicting injury due to the stored electrical charge. You literally would need to touch the common and hot terminals of a large air conditioning start/run capacitor instantly after disconnecting the 220 volt line to get a decent shock from it.

  • drumboarder1


     3 days ago +1

    He talks like a confidant man but blinks like a non confident man

  • Helot Djut

    Helot Djut

     3 days ago

    When consumer is complaining more than louis, then louis can less complain than ussual 😂