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The TRUTH About Tesla Model 3 After 1 Year...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 23, 2019
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance review after 1 year of ownership. Is Tesla able to hold its crown as producer of the best all-electric vehicle? How does it compare to the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series and Kia Stinger?

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    A lot of questions come up when talking Tesla. How's reliability? What about battery degradation? Has the build quality deteriorated? How's the paint job? And the range? And the charging situation? And service costs? What about performance? And Autopilot? And Smart Summon? And more! All of this is answered in this comprehensive Tesla Model 3 review after one year of ownership.
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  • Snazzy Labs

    Snazzy Labs

     a months ago +838

    Excited for everyone to finally see this! We're super proud of it and think it's the best video we've ever made. If you decide to pick up your own Tesla, get free Supercharging and help us out by using my affiliate link!

  • Grey Wings

    Grey Wings

     4 hours ago

    My toyota takes 3.5 seconds to lower the gear so I can overtake other cars. So I always have to think 4 seconds ahead. Like a delay. So you are saying thus car will react immediately after I press the accelerator... I will have to try it.

  • Bobby C

    Bobby C

     5 hours ago

    This model is 57k brand new. Idk lol maybe in 20 years.

  • Derek R

    Derek R

     11 hours ago

    2:40 you be putting bodies in the trunk??? Lmfaoooooo

  • Jerry Gundecker

    Jerry Gundecker

     11 hours ago

    Does the screen bring up Google? Google Earth? Youtube? If not, when?

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Peter Lemonjello

     11 hours ago

    Thank you for saying the paint job is shite. It is.

  • Mohamed Abdullahi

    Mohamed Abdullahi

     16 hours ago

    Am I the only one subscribed to tailosive tech

  • A Father's Devotions

    A Father's Devotions

     16 hours ago

    A totally different paradigm

  • Mats Andreassen

    Mats Andreassen

     19 hours ago

    This was a great review. Had my 3 for 8 months and absolutely love it. People keep saying the screen is a problem. Nope. It really is the solution. The UI is great!

  • Mats Andreassen

    Mats Andreassen

     20 hours ago

    You can open the frunk from the notification icon without going into the app. It's better?

  • Ankit Sarvaiya

    Ankit Sarvaiya

     22 hours ago

    You're supposed to be telling what you observed after a year. Not explain every basic functionality like a new owner does. Either that or change the title.

  • TJ Roelsma

    TJ Roelsma


    The lack of user tweaking of the screen configuration seems like a real missed opportunity. You have this huge screen (like it or hate it) that controls everything. So why not let users setup the screen to their liking? It's a relatively small program that can easily be implemented and it would solve a lot of "gripes" potential buyers seem to have with the screen. But like Apple Tesla seems to have the idea of "we know better what you want than you yourself do", which is kind of a shame.

  • Jtem



    Frequent updates are incredibly annoying. Honestly, how anyone can pretend that's a selling point... Sheesh!

  • Eli Lozano

    Eli Lozano


    The build quality you mentioned is disappointing

  • Lanceyyy



    1:42 my last brain cell at 3am

  • Dank O Memes

    Dank O Memes

     yesterday +1

    Most honest review of a Tesla I have seen

  • Glenn Falzo

    Glenn Falzo



  • Glenn Falzo

    Glenn Falzo


    220 mile range, $35k BASE model rwd, $59,500 for BASE in performance trim and unknown range, can't purchase if leased, HAVE to turn it in! Yaaa, really good deal. How far can you drive it in the winter in 20 degree or colder weather with the heater on? How far can you tow your pop-up camper, if you can that is, how long to "Recharge" your batteries if your going on a long trip? If everyone has 1, how will the electrical grid handle the surge in demand on top of the demand already? EV'S...good idea, just not yet! In MY opinion.

  • Quitotic LLC

    Quitotic LLC


    France vaun who!

  • BouMagik



    This tesla is fucking ugly.