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CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD "Eden" by ESMA | CGMeetup

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 15, 2017
  • CGI 3D Animated Short Film Eden Short Film by ESMA - Adrien Crespon, Adrien Favre-Felix, Mélanie Gras, Benjamin Thevenard. Featured on

    Tale of Sexy EVE & Frustrated Adam in the Garden of Eden.
    When the world begin, God created man in his Image (Adam) and placed him in the beautiful garden of Eden. But Adam needed companion and so he received one EVE. A funny take on the bible story of The Garden of Eden that shows the frustrations of Adam.

    Created, Directed and Animated by Crespon Adrien, Adrien Favre-Felix, Melanie Gras, Benjamin Thevenard. With the voices of Phillipe Peythieu, Alexis Tomassian, Bernard Tiphaine and Arianne Aggiage. Music by Frederic Varot. Sound Design by José Vicente and Yoann Poncet, Studio of Airmen.

    Animation film produced as part of the 3D animated film training of the school ESMA

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    CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD "Eden" by ESMA | CGMeetup

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  • luis Rayos

    luis Rayos

     4 hours ago

    Is this for kids...
    Seems like it, right hehehe...

  • docgonzobordel


     6 hours ago

    Normalement ils ne sont pas couverts avant d'avoir goûter au fruit défendu ^^ !

  • Seth Carr

    Seth Carr

     13 hours ago

    The storyline is inaccurate

  • Riannekee LaurencsFan

    Riannekee LaurencsFan

     19 hours ago

    Why were they naked

  • בראול סטארס של מלכים!! !

    בראול סטארס של מלכים!! !



  • Ko Andy

    Ko Andy

     2 days ago

    new sex education method.. but in a weird confusing way

  • Grizle Griz

    Grizle Griz

     2 days ago


  • Liman Meiwan

    Liman Meiwan

     2 days ago

    Where that nipple?

  • Surya K Babu

    Surya K Babu

     2 days ago

    പാവം ഹവാ

  • Mahir Zayn

    Mahir Zayn

     3 days ago

    Astagfirullah i order the channel to delete this video. Its a cursing video for all muslim. Please delete it. Its ashaming Hazarat Adam (A:)

  • yoshi craft 2009

    yoshi craft 2009

     3 days ago


  • ching ochia

    ching ochia

     4 days ago

    It's a very good short film, but, the twist is a little bit of out of place, eve is the one who pick the fruit out of the tree and ate it, on the other half, he make adan to taste it as well, just an addtional info. But still it's a very excellent and nice work, keep it up guys

  • Seth Matteson

    Seth Matteson

     4 days ago

    A couple of misconceptions here. I like it, but the forbidden fruit was not sex. God told them in Genesis to be fruitful and multiply. Also, death was not part of creation, so the part where they eat the rabbit is not at all part of the bible. Also, the tree was not torn down and replanted. I mean, you might think I am proodish or something for pointing this stuff out, but people hardly know what the actual account says because the only thing they've seen are animations like these or stories written on what the bible says itself.

  • 2k Geezy!

    2k Geezy!

     4 days ago

    Adams leaf would of popped off

  • Miyelis Mojica

    Miyelis Mojica

     5 days ago

    NO ONE CARES :`(

  • Miyelis Mojica

    Miyelis Mojica

     5 days ago




     5 days ago +1

    This would be age restricted if it was anything but what it is

  • Dadley brozz

    Dadley brozz

     5 days ago

    That's wrong

  • miguel pascual

    miguel pascual

     6 days ago

    Yo i can see her butt

  • bluebunny16 !

    bluebunny16 !

     6 days ago +1

    In reality Adam would have caught a case.