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Sports (And Ones That Aren't Actually Sports)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 3, 2019
  • ITS SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! So as a British guy who knows nothing about American Football apart who Tom Brady is and that the sport is badly named, I thought I'd celebrate with a video crapping on a few sports.
    (Btw, yes American Football is the worst named sport o Earth, but literally everyone has thought of the "Handegg" thing, so I didn't mention it in this video. Making a video on sports and making the "handegg" joke/observation is like being the guy who keeps sayign "The sky xD!" when asked "what's up".

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  • Elder_ Fishron

    Elder_ Fishron

     2 hours ago

    Sports are things which are ranked and have competition

  • TN 4L

    TN 4L

     5 hours ago

    Fuck it, lets see how fast humans can REALLY run

  • Philippe Martin

    Philippe Martin

     17 hours ago

    A ROLLERCOSTER FOR 4 hours is so damn hard

  • K-2



    Doesn’t talk about all 😂😂

  • ZZaction


     2 days ago

    autosport = crap because car

  • Ali Waleed

    Ali Waleed

     3 days ago

    No racing is sport mate cmon you need to train learn techniques

  • Ryan Woodliff

    Ryan Woodliff

     3 days ago

    Motocross? Do you consider motocross racing a sport?

  • SoccerMan 472

    SoccerMan 472

     3 days ago

    Ay mate I like soccer but that is true 🤣😂😂

  • William Conlin

    William Conlin

     4 days ago

    And what do you like rugby criket?

  • Lizzy Njambali

    Lizzy Njambali

     5 days ago

    your intro never gets old

  • Stone 8

    Stone 8

     5 days ago +1

    2:44 depends who she is

  • C Transcription

    C Transcription

     6 days ago

    No... just no...

  • Trip Case

    Trip Case

     6 days ago

    Grade with Basketball you’re forgetting one thing. Refs make bullshit calls to force game sevens so the NBA can make more money

  • Nora Teenie

    Nora Teenie

     6 days ago

    Multiple school fights in one day just because we lost one shitty ass game

    Also they're called World Champions simply because Americans have overly massive egos that must be stroked at all times. I can confidently say this as an American myself

  • Fan Boy

    Fan Boy

     7 days ago

    Nascar is dead

  • JoshL117


     7 days ago +1

    Grade: "Cars and games aren't sports."
    Ronnie O'Sullivan: "Damn right you didn't say my SPORT, m8."

  • Jj The 13th

    Jj The 13th

     7 days ago +3

    2:41 same thing happens in movies.. they say the world is at stake but all the aliens attack only the US.

    Even when the threat is global, the world only wins when America wins

  • Jenson RISTEVSKI

    Jenson RISTEVSKI

     7 days ago

    NASCAR requires more physical endurance than A LOT of other sports. So...

  • Sharky


     7 days ago

    It’s actually 140 degrees in a NASCAR and yes people do get beat up.

  • Anonymous Pineapple

    Anonymous Pineapple

     7 days ago

    Soccer 😂👌