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Cat Can't Get Over The Loss Of Her Kittens And Becomes Aggressive | Animal in Crisis EP52

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 4, 2019
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    The reason why she keeps attacking her owners and becomes aggressive is..



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  • Michelle


     24 minutes ago

    Haru is such a great cat!And he helps the cat owners and Jjong soo great!!

  • Melina Alipio

    Melina Alipio

     51 minutes ago

    that cat is dangerous

  • Melina Alipio

    Melina Alipio

     53 minutes ago

    how did her kittens die?

  • BunnyWolfe 26

    BunnyWolfe 26

     56 minutes ago

    Also your getting the smallest scratched compared to what my cat does when I hug him

  • BunnyWolfe 26

    BunnyWolfe 26

     59 minutes ago

    I like the English shorthair

  • Kevin Rufus

    Kevin Rufus

     an hour ago

    please source for last piano music..... I literally fell asleep..

  • Joshua Tanner

    Joshua Tanner

     an hour ago

    Gray cat is not taking any shit.

  • Asiano Casino

    Asiano Casino

     2 hours ago

    Oh sht it’s a rat

  • Вилекс


     2 hours ago

    они еще и терпят эту бешеную тварь!убить ее да и все!!!

  • EZMode


     2 hours ago

    Good people

  • Sebas Ndeah

    Sebas Ndeah

     2 hours ago

    Epic battle lmao

  • Enes Ates

    Enes Ates

     2 hours ago

    kralsın be harun

  • Eyen Faker

    Eyen Faker

     2 hours ago

    Que curioso mi animal favorito es el gato y mi nombre es Harumi y me dicen Haru :^

  • NebulaKylo


     3 hours ago +1

    Never take away their children animals are just like humans they cant get over their lost love ones.

  • Copy Me

    Copy Me

     3 hours ago +1

    Fuck this people so what going to vid it hurting yourself and get views in YouTube? Ugh

  • Gummy Suga

    Gummy Suga

     3 hours ago

    4:36 I'm sorry I feel so bad for laughing fidskcdi

  • Dương Thanh Song

    Dương Thanh Song

     3 hours ago

    The gray cat. ♥♥

  • Felipe Santos

    Felipe Santos

     4 hours ago

    Hzikavi. Hdkkavsj jkh klnjknh

  • Janeeta Ali

    Janeeta Ali

     4 hours ago +1

    Cat is my favourite animal and when i se... this video I'm ge..... so sad

  • black jeff

    black jeff

     4 hours ago

    Ce chat est pocédé