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Gabriel Iglesias: My all time favorite comedian.

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 26, 2017
  • I love this guy i never seen anyone funnier than him & he is my all time favorite comedian.
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  • Shields Chloe

     10 days ago

    Fluffy is my all time favorite comedian...just sayin and he is funny but what I think makes him funny is 1.his stories 2.his personality...*I think I spelled that word right...idk* nothing else and... roses are red violets are blue like the video if you think so too

  • Hispanic at the Disco

     2 years ago

    A mexican, a filipino, and a native american fly into saudi arabia.......

  • Harmthuria

     5 days ago


  • Astarwut

     25 days ago

    "not in mah country"

  • Erik Buchholz

     11 months ago

    He's pretty funny but I think what really makes him so good is his humility and sincerity. He's someone I'd like to be around, just likable.

  • Lalo

     1 months ago

    Only Fluffy would go to Saudi Arabia, go to a palace, and meet a Price and be able to tell his story without showing off or coming off as arrogant. He was truly humble about it and used it as a way to express how we shouldn't judge people without knowing them.

  • radthia maganyi

     1 months ago

    I liked when he reached tt part of blinded falcons looking like hostages..Hhaaaa..I can imagine how the Prince's face turnedAnd then he made up tt fake laugh..dammmmmn I like fluffy

  • Rangers Apprentice

     10 months ago

    He said "im not a comedian I dont kid" then he said "I KILL YOU!"

  • Rosebush

     1 months ago

    Its achmed the dead terrorist you uncultered SWINE

  • Steven Bobbitt

     1 months ago

    @Mønsse Shinsō eeehsfjxx

  • Omar Dugee

     7 months ago

    "I had no idea I was preforming for assassin's Creed" 😂😂😂😂

  • Otaku Weeb


    Alex Janoher heres an explanation the first game altair your assassin is apart of the masyaf assassins the arabic assassins

  • yolo kimo

     9 days ago


  • Northants Garage

     8 months ago

    What i like about him is he doesn't use f word to get laughter. that's rare now. Well done Gabriel.

  • Matt Dingmann

     20 hours ago

    Well he kinda used the F word...he said "fox news" haha

  • saiga1200buck

     9 days ago

    @Tony’s Dynasty don't watch ANY of his material?


     7 months ago

    He is hystercial - and doesnt use vulgarity what I love about him. I hope he never changes. One of my favs is the Cuban Cafe. LOL I am Cuban - so it was so hystercial.

  • Miche.

     1 months ago

    i mean he said "dick"

  • Jay Johann

     2 months ago

    @That’s Sweet my aunt is Cuban, she did the same thing to me, I woke up went for a cup of coffee, drank the whole thing, I think I died twice

  • jamesblunt006

     10 months ago

    I wonder what the Prince of Saudi Arabia thinks of Gabriel's impression of him, when he watches this video :)

  • Jose Troy Delos Santos

     4 days ago

    prince be thinking I should’ve kept him 🤣

  • Vinny Booboo

     2 months ago

    He will behead Iglesias. ☺

  • DJ Statyk

     6 months ago

    I'm not gonna lie, my heart broke when he started talking about the middle eastern man saying "Tell the Americans we are not all terrorists". If you're middle eastern and reading this, I want you to know very few Americans are aware of what our media does. I hope you know not all of us are war mongering psychos driven by fear and blindly supporting a government that doesn't give a piss about us. Unity. We need Unity now more than ever.

  • Tammy Swanson


    @John Cordova add fear as the result of ignorance. I send my thoughts and prayers to fill up, all those negatively charged, with love, compassion, laughter and joy. Also, directing those same thoughts and prayers to all of humanity. Where there is light, darkness is exposed. When darkness is exposed, truth is revealed. It is a new day, as the earth is already cleansing itself of negative energy. Collectively, world wide, free energy, fresh clean abundant water and air. For the future of technolog...

  • Mohamed Ahmed

     8 days ago

    thank you for ur felling und nice comment . and im glad u said very few Americans . if u said something else it would be a lie..... all love and peace for u .

  • James Bold Comedy

     6 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing comedian. Would be incredible to work with this guy.