Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer

Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Takes to the slopes and skies in Season 7. A mysterious iceberg has smashed into the island, bringing new frosty locations and gameplay, including a new flying vehicle: the Stormwing. Jump in now and start playing.

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Ferdaws Paikar

    Ferdaws Paikar

     14 minutes ago

    I hate NEW infinity sword

  • EvilCZ


     27 minutes ago

    we need More episodes of this epic

  • Janice Proudfoot

    Janice Proudfoot

     36 minutes ago

    (5 minutes after calamity dies)
    Wait is that a giant iceberg?

  • AmigoStare


     an hour ago +1

    Plase fortnite in Samsung galaxy A8 2018

  • Norwegian Bad ass

    Norwegian Bad ass

     2 hours ago

    Give me Black night

  • جابر المهري

    جابر المهري

     2 hours ago


  • Ryle


     2 hours ago

    i just came here for infinity blade

  • flako xxx

    flako xxx

     3 hours ago

    Epic dont bring back the elf or the crackshot

  • Muhamad Firdaus

    Muhamad Firdaus

     4 hours ago

    1:03 the snowmen on the plane are eagling

  • Deku


     4 hours ago

    Anyone else played Infinity Blade when they were a kid?

  • Arham X

    Arham X

     5 hours ago

    We need xxxtentacion skin in game

  • Blue Creeper

    Blue Creeper

     6 hours ago +1

    kleines drecks fotzen fick video amk

  • whoms' dve

    whoms' dve

     7 hours ago +1

    You can see kevin as a present at Christmas tree :) at 0:10

  • Nerk


     8 hours ago

    Kids gonna love this

  • Ayahna Ruby

    Ayahna Ruby

     9 hours ago

    Bruh i need this battlepass

  • Sventinus gamer

    Sventinus gamer

     10 hours ago +1

    Make The Mali G71 Compatible i dont care about quality Just Let Me Play
    Edit: Why Does The I Phone SE Is Compatible WTF

  • BOMB 21

    BOMB 21

     14 hours ago


  • BOMB 21

    BOMB 21

     14 hours ago

    Season 7 is here

  • Chris Game123

    Chris Game123

     14 hours ago

    A new skin I call it the snow trooper

  • Youdonotcare


     14 hours ago

    "No one eats MY cookies"