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Top 5 DUMBEST Fortnite Hackers WRECKED by Fortnite Pros (embarassing)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • Top 5 DUMBEST Fortnite Hackers WRECKED by Fortnite Pros (embarassing)
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  • Top5Gaming


     11 months ago +1066

    1 like = 1 oof

  • Jamarkus Brick

    Jamarkus Brick

     11 hours ago

    8:45 mr beast donates 6000 dollars

  • TheLightningKing


     2 days ago +1

    For the first time in forever turrits (Idk how u spell it) are useful

  • yeet montages

    yeet montages

     2 days ago

    1 like = one less hacker

  • Sweaty Wyjee

    Sweaty Wyjee

     3 days ago

    Why do you not make videos about minecraft

  • David Ness

    David Ness

     5 days ago

    i have encountered a hacker that spawned with gold loadout and i reported him

  • Juan Miranda

    Juan Miranda

     7 days ago

    Wow I hate Tfue

  • HAZEWoke


     7 days ago

    "That was cool" -Dr. Lupo 2019

  • insertnamehere


     14 days ago

    How do I handle the situation of running into a hacker?

    I die.........its not a very effective method.

  • Kelly Cormack

    Kelly Cormack

     21 days ago

    1v1 me

  • Kelly Cormack

    Kelly Cormack

     21 days ago

    Ur a bot

  • Kelly Cormack

    Kelly Cormack

     21 days ago

    It a bot

  • Ali Khalil

    Ali Khalil

     1 months ago

    Top5Gaming:have you ever incountered a hacker

  • Sal Games

    Sal Games

     1 months ago

    Here is a lesson to learn NEVER LISTEN TO NINJA

  • blizzdayeti


     1 months ago

    There was a aim bot hacker in my game I boxed him up and 90ed on top of him edited down and 1 pumped him in da head

  • Mr. Collins

    Mr. Collins

     1 months ago

    You please on converting better games? As fortnite is trash like I said for the love of God cover another game

  • Sam M

    Sam M

     1 months ago

    I found a hacker using aim bot in solos. I just reported

  • HypexRabbit


     1 months ago

    I was playing solo and a default b-hops over with like 6 guns floating over his head licking onto people's heads. He won with 46 kills. I don't have a recording cuz I was playing on Nintendo switch

  • King mike

    King mike

     1 months ago

    I ran into a hacker that kept on responding in zone wars a I wreaked him 10 times an got 1st every time but he kept in responding but I still came in 1st

  • laura ogilvie

    laura ogilvie

     1 months ago

    when top 5 gaming makes a top 5 wait that's illegal