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Precision Passing: 2019 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL Highlights

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 24, 2019
  • The Precision Passing competition at the 2019 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown.

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  • Yos_hi


     8 hours ago

    Did he just say he questions Jim Kelly's coaching ability

  • Rose Clarke

    Rose Clarke

     yesterday +1

    We’re all lucky but I think number 19 on the Vikings he is blind because he has those shades on and everybody else I’m did not have them on so that’s just weird so that’s how I know that he’s blind

  • Bulldog_ 817

    Bulldog_ 817

     2 days ago

    You know last year was sad when Mitch trubisky is in the precision passing

  • MrBuckaroonie


     2 days ago

    I thought they would be better than that.

  • Brian Kliesch

    Brian Kliesch

     3 days ago

    Mahomes would hit all "goals" 😈🔥

  • KBL Walltaker

    KBL Walltaker

     4 days ago


  • life time skill

    life time skill

     5 days ago

    Doesn't surprise me that trubisky almost lost to a WR

  • Magicstockton


     6 days ago

    Von Miller throwing with gloves on...

  • Marco Tulio Souza

    Marco Tulio Souza

     6 days ago

    Andrew Luck is the nicest person ever in the NFL. He brought back respect to the game.

  • Yocowboysman Boyz

    Yocowboysman Boyz

     7 days ago

    He said futures bright for Mitch Trubisky🤣🤣

  • Sean Maehrer

    Sean Maehrer

     7 days ago

    I Just . Dak Prescott QuarterBack Dallas Cowboys never an Official NLF games after this age 20 Years Old After School Finished I will to be Eagles QuarterBack I Join the Eagles Practice the was OH MY GOD Thanks Sean Maehrer

  • Adam Nordmark

    Adam Nordmark

     7 days ago +1

    Last time Andrew Luck threw the ball in an NFL competition?

  • Hubble Bros TV

    Hubble Bros TV

     7 days ago

    broncos are so desperate they could put miller at qb

  • nicktube HD

    nicktube HD

     7 days ago

    The nhl skills competition is so much better than this

  • Nick Clark742

    Nick Clark742

     7 days ago +6

    "The future's bright for young Mitchell Trubisky" ummmmmm

  • Adam Chance

    Adam Chance

     7 days ago

    Horrible target construction. So many times these guys hit the target but it didn’t count. If you rattle the target it should count. That’s just dumb. The event concept is really cool though.

  • Memer of the memes

    Memer of the memes

     7 days ago

    So sad as a colts fan to see Andrew luck

  • corvette7444


     7 days ago

    Future is not bright for trubisky he sucks and chicago wants him gone.He cant pass at all in a game

  • Jacob C

    Jacob C

     7 days ago

    Should've been OBJ out there

  • Hydro Lyfe

    Hydro Lyfe

     7 days ago

    Von Miller sucks