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  • Published on:  Monday, February 26, 2018
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 CREEPY MOMENTS ON TV! Here are some of the most scary and creepiest videos found online that were broadcast on live TV. Some are mysterious and unsolved but they will all give you chills! From creepy moments caught on tape in game shows to live news moments that went viral because they are the creepiest things to ever happen on video!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/GegLmkFdHCc


  • Melissa Hilliard

    Melissa Hilliard

     an hour ago

    At least the second man isn’t kissing kids!

  • Melissa Hilliard

    Melissa Hilliard

     an hour ago

    What a fucking freak!!!

  • Al Cee

    Al Cee

     7 hours ago

    I really need to chop that guys balls of before I die or I will not have lived out my life.

  • kenneth troutman

    kenneth troutman

     8 hours ago

    That guy needs to be put on jail still.today right now. Those children were so uncomfortable

  • Liberty Bell1776

    Liberty Bell1776

     15 hours ago

    That first dude is as creepy as Joe Biden. The family feud dude they where adults.

  • Dajahia Cunningham

    Dajahia Cunningham

     17 hours ago

    The game show seems like polygamy but who am I to say. He is still a pedophile

  • Jennifer jones

    Jennifer jones

     18 hours ago

    Alcala did not kill 130 ppl.

  • Louie Holgado

    Louie Holgado

     18 hours ago

    Disgusting old man!

  • chelly G.

    chelly G.

     21 hours ago

    Sick fukn pervert

  • PestyOne


     23 hours ago

    Fucking garbage, replaying stories that's been played over and over by other channels on youtube, just lazy, try playing something original.

  • smc smc

    smc smc

     23 hours ago

    The sound of the tv videos are too low

  • Diane Malloy

    Diane Malloy


    What was THAT????

  • Cynthia Brooklyn

    Cynthia Brooklyn


    She walked off directly behind the other women walking in front of her

  • Paul Gaskins

    Paul Gaskins


    With the blonde lady ‘disappearing’ I feel like I can see her hair behind the other lady for like a split second

  • Soy Nobody

    Soy Nobody


    @11:15, punch right in the pussy... it was a meme, kid try to be "cool" and re-do the meme...

  • Todd Cribbs

    Todd Cribbs


    Yes Owen Hart passing away from repelling from the ceiling was the worst thing in WWF slash WWE history

  • Starryromance



    That first disgusting game host should be in prison for child molestation and pedophilia.

  • Lady V

    Lady V


    1st min int this video and im sick, why is this sick nt rotting behind bars

  • James Marston

    James Marston



  • andy forsythe

    andy forsythe


    Canadians in general are weird