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LAST MINUTE FIX! Easy Fashion Hacks for Party Fashionistas by 123GO Like!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 3, 2019
  • Hey, fashionistas! Feeling trendy?

    If you’ve ever had fashion emergencies, we’ve got some great quick fix-it tips that can save the day, and your dignity.

    Improve your look and learn how to upgrade clothes, transform your old outfit into new and learn how to fix torn or damaged clothes. Plus many other DIY fashion tips and tricks.

    Create new accessories and stylish cut outs! No more standing in lines or spending money with these DIY clothing hacks!

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    See you soon!

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  • Pascal Lambrechts

    Pascal Lambrechts

     8 minutes ago +1

    I Don't Like u video's, :-(

  • balázs bukros

    balázs bukros

     16 minutes ago

    kmmkhhm the thumbnail

  • Asma Dadabhay

    Asma Dadabhay

     35 minutes ago

    Is this fake boring

  • Ellen Kordiak

    Ellen Kordiak

     5 hours ago

    They Said A Bad Word When Bae Texted I'll Pick You Up In 5 Minutes Then I Think When Vikey Went Outside That's When They Said A Bad Word

  • akash tamang

    akash tamang

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  • Jazlyn Mendiola

    Jazlyn Mendiola

     7 hours ago

    So you just bring a belt and a denim jacket in your purse

  • Helena Flores

    Helena Flores

     8 hours ago

    Not to be rude but they don't have good hygiene like all their teeth are hella yellow

  • Z Linus

    Z Linus

     10 hours ago

    Haha haha

  • Janine TV

    Janine TV

     10 hours ago

    Love it was a good

  • Dak DeGuzman

    Dak DeGuzman

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  • Jayla Jones

    Jayla Jones

     12 hours ago

    Wait can you do one like you now how you did xL can you do one like really small

  • Symaih Taylor

    Symaih Taylor

     12 hours ago

    the oher time yall cus

  • Leticia Warman

    Leticia Warman

     13 hours ago

    you said it was night but it`s day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robin smith

    robin smith

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  • Amanda Caldwell

    Amanda Caldwell

     13 hours ago

    You know kids watch this you side damn in front of kids

  • Mackenzie Schule

    Mackenzie Schule

     13 hours ago

    In the background there is a person waving the cape at the end of the video

  • Christina Freitas

    Christina Freitas

     14 hours ago +2


    Her: thinks of making a supergirl costume

    “Sips tea”

  • Elizabeth Kwibe

    Elizabeth Kwibe

     14 hours ago

    Wow how do you do that so beautiful I love it

  • Rachel Manis

    Rachel Manis

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  • Dinosaur Boy

    Dinosaur Boy

     15 hours ago

    You guys are cool triple cool