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France v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FINAL - HIGHLIGHTS

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • France became World Champions for the second time after defeating Croatia 4-2 in Moscow! A fitting end to a great tournament - thanks for sharing it with us!More match highlights: from Russia 2018: World Cup stories: all the action from Russia across the FIFA Platforms:👉👉👉👉👉
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  • Haroun Farissi

     4 days ago

    Who is watching the 15th july 2019 anyone ?Happy birthday to this match! I miss 2018 better than 2019.....

  • Haroun Farissi

     3 hours ago

    @Dönmeyen Yillar 👍

  • Abdullah Bhatti

     5 hours ago


  • Fronx .o

     26 days ago

    I love it when he goes like:*misses shot*Pogba*scores*Pogbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Ayoub Zouein

     2 days ago

    He is. Y favorite player pogba

  • a wild nibba boi

     3 months ago

    My man Giroud got a squad win with 0 kills

  • Dr. Complex

     5 days ago

    @Kaji Giroud is the medic.

  • ephabouyed

     1 months ago

    That mistake probably cost Lloris the golden glove, but I'm sure the winners medal made up for it lol.

  • Kofi Afriyie

     24 days ago

    @Lea Ackles but he was outstanding and clearly the better goal keeper in 2014..

  • Lea Ackles

     27 days ago

    @mickael grenier in the worldcup 2014 neuer won the golden glove.

  • Largest Classifieds

     6 months ago

    Congratulations to France🏆Congratulations to Croatia✌

  • NeiTroX_78

     10 days ago

    @Leo 23 whats the problem with their skin color???? U are just jealous and they are all French

  • Baas Psvromario

     1 months ago

    Every world cup 2018 summary is 2 minutes and 11 seconds

  • Geoff Harm

     1 months ago

    Every highlight summary is 2 minutes. Every outtro is ten seconds.

  • Not_ Ceeday

     4 days ago

    Dam already a year😬This the best wc dc dc

  • Mohd Arzan

     7 days ago

    1 year ago 😢😢😢3 years to go 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Dasta Bolan

     24 days ago

    I nebo je plakalo❤🇭🇷

  • NJomis DLS

     7 months ago

    I miss the world cup 😢😢😢😥😥

  • Hireath 96

     23 hours ago

    Yea the World Cup is the best thing to watch in soccer

  • William King

     2 months ago

    @Djas Kang Im talking about the standard of the football-of course you can compare champions league to international football-england made the last 4 of the world cup by scoring from free kicks and headers lmao Id like to see an average team reach the last 4 of champions league doing that!!