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MASSIVE STAR WARS NEWS! Jon Favreau Gets the New Trilogy?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 20, 2019
  • This might be one of the biggest Star Wars stories of the year... A report from The Hollywood Reporter talks about Kathleen Kennedy as the president of Lucasfilm, the future of Star Wars, and the fact that Jon Favreau might well have A LOT to do with the future of the galaxy far, far away.... How will George Lucas and Dave Filoni fit into this? We break it all down here!

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  • The Den of Nerds

    The Den of Nerds

     21 days ago +45

    This is a CRAZY story! I NEED to know your thoughts on this situation... - Josh

  • David Netherton

    David Netherton

     7 hours ago

    Rudy one of my favorite movies

  • kyle Kizer

    kyle Kizer


    The only Star Wars movie that I wholeheartedly enjoyed was Rouge One Sequel trilogy sucks so far and I actually liked Episode 3, and 4,5,6 are great, didnt watch Solo. Haven't seen Mandalorian but everyone I talk to says its awesome!

  • jeff peyton

    jeff peyton


    He started in pcu

  • K so

    K so


    I see this as an absolute win!

  • Dave9k


     3 days ago

    It's too late. Episodes 1-9 were supposed to be the Skywalker saga. They completely fucked the final third of the saga and there's nothing that can fix it. Everything outside of episodes 1-9 are just spin offs and can't unfuck the sequel trilogy.

  • Ever Kanji

    Ever Kanji

     5 days ago


  • Kyle Bowers

    Kyle Bowers

     7 days ago +2

    Starwars died with this new trilogy and everyone knows it.

  • chrono2959


     7 days ago

    She had 40+ years of fan fiction comics ,books etc to pull from .Did she NO she gave us the same story as the original series with infused gender politics . So much so it doesn't feel like star wars at all, it just looks like it. I am one of the people that vehement Lee hate Kathleen Kennedy and Ryan Johnson. I still love star wars I just hate what they did with it, especially after sitting across from George Lucas saying that we're not going to screw up what you started

  • cyan10101


     7 days ago

    That graph was not very good. The overlay on the same time line doesn't make sense.

  • Eric Honaker

    Eric Honaker

     7 days ago

    I just double checked, 1992-Folks and Hoffa, 1993-Rudy, 1994-PCU

  • Eric Honaker

    Eric Honaker

     7 days ago

    I hope he does take over. I love the Mandalorian. I first saw him play Gutter in the movie PCU

  • Eric Honaker

    Eric Honaker

     7 days ago

    First movie that I saw him in was PCU

  • sar lacc

    sar lacc

     7 days ago

    You are a pos for putting that clickbait title. Dirty deed to throw a "?" at the end. Your intention was to trick people.

  • Raiken Xion

    Raiken Xion

     7 days ago

    I really cannot stand Kathleen Kennedy she just turns up on stage talking about the Mando like shes been a huge part of it, i dont think she even knows what Mandlorians are. Shes had NO CREATIVE INPUT in this tv series! the only input, or shall i say influence she gives (where she can) is to push her agenda.

  • Mister Bushido

    Mister Bushido

     7 days ago

    John Favreau was in PCU Staring Jeremy Piven and David Spade

  • amf85


     7 days ago

    Your audio is de-synched.

  • Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

     7 days ago +1

    people that say theres nothing wrong with star wars are just ignorant

  • Andrew Meikle

    Andrew Meikle

     7 days ago

    easy... John was in Rudy first

  • Gino Lomeli

    Gino Lomeli

     7 days ago

    Yes please! Mandalorian is freaking awesome!