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Worst Substitute Teacher Ever! *Strict vs Nice Teacher!*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
  • Having a substitute teacher at school is such a good feeling. You can just talk with your friends during class and watch movies! That's what the students of Beverly Valley High School thought too. They had an easy going substitute teacher till she had to leave! Now the students are facing the worst teacher ever!!! The entire class might be facing detention! Things were good when they had a nice teacher but now they have the most strict teacher!

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  • Imogen Carr

    Imogen Carr

     6 hours ago +1

    Cinoman roll is cute

  • Analia Contreras

    Analia Contreras

     9 hours ago

    i love a sub

  • Michelle Orduno

    Michelle Orduno

     12 hours ago

    I love subs I haven't had one yet but I will have one soon

  • Gali Magen

    Gali Magen

     13 hours ago

    can cinnamen ditch rubareb

  • LizaGacha


     17 hours ago

    My substitute teachers are worse than my teacher.... 😞

  • Ashley Neoner

    Ashley Neoner

     20 hours ago

    Wow my god crying for being fired -_-

  • kendall and vincent's world

    kendall and vincent's world


    Not she your in elementary school the teachers give the substitute a list of what we do from the beginning to end and it is really boring

  • Kristene Guiniawan

    Kristene Guiniawan

     yesterday +1

    i like yor vids♥♥♥

  • RockingTrack 82

    RockingTrack 82


    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Like if you dont like the second teacher

    I’m not asking for likes no need to like lol i was eating pizza while wacthing this 

  • RockingTrack 82

    RockingTrack 82


    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Like if you dont like the second teacher

    I’m not asking for likes no need to like lol i was eating pizza while wacthing this

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  • Gacha Skylar

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    Dance and play with the video

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  • Tatym Mayne

    Tatym Mayne


    Pause at 53

  • cookie lover

    cookie lover


    You got this Agnes.

  • Nikki bella bella

    Nikki bella bella

     2 days ago

    No teacher weres a crop top so..................not pretty🙄😕

  • Nevaeh Haugabrook

    Nevaeh Haugabrook

     2 days ago

    Raja:ooooooooh not the PuPpYyyy

  • Kevin Pizano

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  • Nathalie Castanon

    Nathalie Castanon

     2 days ago

    ha ha crazy but I feel like a cola