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The Head Turning Transformation Of Gymnast Simone Biles

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • Simone Biles isn't your average athlete. In fact, she's far from average. Standing at four feet, eight inches, she's been tearing up the gym floor since she was about 6 years old. Let's take a look at how she transformed from a tiny acrobatic wonder to gymnastics' next big thing.

    When Biles was just a toddler, she was faced with a significant lifestyle change. She and her siblings were taken away from their biological mother, who was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. She moved in with her grandparents, whom she considers her true parents.

    But Biles didn't live with her grandparents right away. For three years, she and her siblings were in and out of foster homes. When she was six, her grandparents made the decision to adopt her and her siblings. Biles wrote about her own fostering experience and the value of fostering in general for an essay published by CNN. She touched upon the importance of finding a purpose while growing up, saying,

    "Finding a family made me feel like I mattered. Finding a passion, something I loved and was really good at, made me feel like I mattered."

    Watch the video for more about the head turning transformation of gymnast Simone Biles!

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    Adopted by grandparents | 0:18
    Discovering gymnastics | 1:02
    Body shaming | 1:49
    Sportswoman of the Year | 2:40
    Olympic golden girl | 3:31
    Back to work | 4:17
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  • The List

    The List

     6 months ago +84

    Who is your favorite female athlete?

  • s


     21 days ago

    TRANS formation is correct.

  • Dave K

    Dave K

     2 months ago +1

    YUMMY body!!!

  • Michele Headen

    Michele Headen

     3 months ago +1

    Yesssssss girl..loving you all the granddaughter's role model..stay blessed😇😇

  • green


     3 months ago

    This young woman, Simone BILES is just WOW!!

  • MseeF


     3 months ago

    And I never heard about her because????

  • Juleen Lees

    Juleen Lees

     3 months ago

    She is an amazing young woman. Her attitude for life stems from her begginings. Some people would buckle and become the victim, she became a survivor. Bless her grandparents for adopting her and her siblings.💕

  • -m R

    -m R

     3 months ago

    She's not the next big thing anymore. She IS IT!!!

  • Beautiful Sungoddess

    Beautiful Sungoddess

     3 months ago

    How did this genious commentator get this job? She doesn't even kno the value of points in gymnastics.

  • Skyler Gray

    Skyler Gray

     3 months ago

    3:27 idk why it made me laugh so hard when Missy Franklin took her swim cap off and there was another one under it 😂😂😂

    Like I get it’s for stabilizing her goggles/reduces drag but it was not expected lmfao

  • Donna M

    Donna M

     3 months ago

    Simone and Serena kick Assess 💯🌟☄⚘

  • Abby 127

    Abby 127

     3 months ago

    Her coach was right for not giving her a strict diet. She needs all kinds of nutrients for growth.

  • Africa America World

    Africa America World

     3 months ago

    It seems her story or is it the narrative is repeated over & over. It always sounds like the same story maybe because I know too much about her?

  • Christine B

    Christine B

     3 months ago +2

    I can watch her all day long. Which I did today at work.😉 She's just amazing all the way around.

  • Sunbeam


     3 months ago +1

    1:57 Simone is the GOAT and a queen! That coach is just jealous of her body!

  • Queen Bee

    Queen Bee

     3 months ago

    her coach is a heroine for not monitoring her diet, weight etc.   doing so increases the risk of eating disorders, malnourishment, undereating, injury and all the negatives.  Lets hope this is a new era, where gymnasts' weight is not forced to be less than it naturally is - strong body = strong mind - and far better gymnastics, as simone clearly demosntrates. would she get the same incredible height on the floor in her tumbling and be able to do all the amazing things she does if she restricted what she ate? i doubt it.  every coach and gymnast needs to pay attention to that.

  • Ryk Son

    Ryk Son

     4 months ago

    Go get them SIMONE !!!!!

  • Thomas  Broking

    Thomas Broking

     5 months ago

    Love her. So great shape,such power & energy. She must be a pip to be around.

  • S Halley-Brown

    S Halley-Brown

     5 months ago +1

    Such a beautiful Strong woman, god has really blessed her 🙏🏻

  • Pam M

    Pam M

     5 months ago

    What a wonderful person!!