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The Head Turning Transformation Of Gymnast Simone Biles

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • Simone Biles isn't your average athlete. In fact, she's far from average. Standing at four feet, eight inches, she's been tearing up the gym floor since she was about 6 years old. Let's take a look at how she transformed from a tiny acrobatic wonder to gymnastics' next big thing.When Biles was just a toddler, she was faced with a significant lifestyle change. She and her siblings were taken away from their biological mother, who was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. She moved in with her grandparents, whom she considers her true parents.But Biles didn't live with her grandparents right away. For three years, she and her siblings were in and out of foster homes. When she was six, her grandparents made the decision to adopt her and her siblings. Biles wrote about her own fostering experience and the value of fostering in general for an essay published by CNN. She touched upon the importance of finding a purpose while growing up, saying,"Finding a family made me feel like I mattered. Finding a passion, something I loved and was really good at, made me feel like I mattered."Watch the video for more about the head turning transformation of gymnast Simone Biles!#SimoneBiles #Athletes #CelebritiesAdopted by grandparents | 0:18Discovering gymnastics | 1:02Body shaming | 1:49Sportswoman of the Year | 2:40Olympic golden girl | 3:31Back to work | 4:17
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  • The List

    The List

     1 months ago +81

    Who is your favorite female athlete?

  • JoJo 70

    JoJo 70

     1 months ago +547

    "By just 2.1 points over aly raisman"??? You "do" realize that in artistic gymnastics that is a HUGE margin to win by? This sport has historically separated gymnast by tenths of a point.. no where even a half a point. Just so ya know!!

  • Brian B

    Brian B

     1 months ago +268

    Just an FYI, in gymnastics winning by “only” 2 full points is massive. The only woman that can do that in the world is Simone. ❤️❤️

  • April Vicious

    April Vicious

     1 months ago +125

    How could anybody body shame her? She LITERALLY HAS THE BODY OF AN OLYMPIAN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Kristine Mandap

    Kristine Mandap

     1 months ago +300

    "Next" big thing? Shes already there

  • Sofia Lulla

    Sofia Lulla

     1 months ago +198

    By just 2.1?! That is gigantic in gymnastics

  • Fluttershy mlp

    Fluttershy mlp

     1 months ago +141

    I was SHOCKED when she said ,, JUST by 2.1" seriously, that's HUGE !!!

  • Sharon Walker

    Sharon Walker

     1 months ago +146

    This gorgeous young lady makes America proud!! 🇺🇸♥️ Hope she adds to her medal count next year! 🥇🙏👍

  • Nashville Neighbors

    Nashville Neighbors

     1 months ago +85

    How are you saying she is the “next big thing”? She’s already been to the Olympics and won medals. She’s already “arrived” and a loving gymnastics icon.

  • DeGrate1896


     21 days ago +25

    The fact that some nut would attempt to body-shame Simone Biles just proves that not every one with the ability to speak should talk--in the same way that the attempt to hair-shame Gabby Douglas proved that not everyone with fingers should type and not everyone with a beak should tweet.

  • Denise Eugene

    Denise Eugene

     21 days ago +14

    Honestly she should of won dancing with the stars ! She was amazing.

  • Viola Riser

    Viola Riser

     1 months ago +72

    All eyes will be on her at the 2020 ...GOOD LUCK SIMONE

  • Magic Roundabout

    Magic Roundabout

     1 months ago +48

    Simone’s attitude towards life is exceptional, she could so very easily gone the wrong way. Credit to her parents also.

  • Shane McSpice

    Shane McSpice

     1 months ago +60

    The only reason her body is like that is because that's muscles from doing gymnastics and gain all of this strengh

  • Susan Di Laudo

    Susan Di Laudo

     1 months ago +26

    "...JUST 2.1 points..." just? As if thats a slight margin of victory. Ummm no. 2.1 is huge margin of victory. If memory serves correctly, that margin was larger than the 3-10th place finishers combined. JS.

  • Bethie M

    Bethie M

     1 months ago +51

    This was a spot on Simone Biles. She is an out of this world gymnast, but this was by no means a"head turning transformation". What it was, was a cheap way of having viewers click and view your clip. Shame on you.😠😲

  • Jenae L.S

    Jenae L.S

     1 months ago +26

    Simone was body shamed??... WOOOOW!

  • Akbar Ralston

    Akbar Ralston

     14 days ago +11

    She's a very beautiful woman and talented ...

  • Ray Candy

    Ray Candy

     1 months ago +10

    God almighty! She’s simply a wonder that makes you go “aaahhhh! Thanks for the chills little DYNAMITE!

  • Khalifah Muhammad

    Khalifah Muhammad

     7 days ago +6

    Anyone who would try to body shame this beautiful young woman needs to go to hell in a gasoline straight jacket!