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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Here are the all-time DUMBEST ANSWERS Steve Harvey has ever heard on Family Feud! Enjoy!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/HeGVeBWECu8


  • Box your head off

    Box your head off

     an hour ago

    Pork- upine was actually a smart answer

  • Erica Harris

    Erica Harris

     an hour ago


  • Top Yardi

    Top Yardi

     an hour ago

    Steve Harvey can kiss my ass

  • Barrington Bethel

    Barrington Bethel

     2 hours ago

    I know a guy named "Hosea" (José) 🤣

  • Buellaaa Smith

    Buellaaa Smith

     3 hours ago

    I’m hollering 🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh Hathaway

    Josh Hathaway

     3 hours ago

    Can’t tell if they realize they fucked up or if they really mean what they said. I’ve got bad grammar but Jesus Christ this is special

  • Kayla S

    Kayla S

     3 hours ago

    they making black people look so dumb

  • wojciulewicz


     4 hours ago

    why all black people are such idiots???

  • Alyssa Perun

    Alyssa Perun

     4 hours ago

    I lost brain cells watching the last one lol

  • Banai Feldstein

    Banai Feldstein

     4 hours ago

    Steve ranting for five minutes is the opposite of him being speechless.

  • therooster333


     6 hours ago

    Lol have you watched family feud since Harvey took over. Questions a two year old can't get wrong and the black family wins 20k. Lol whites get up and questions not too many people would guess right and no 20k. I'm not saying that blacks are stupid, but Harvey sure as hell thought so.

  • jaro essa

    jaro essa

     6 hours ago

    I absolutely LOVE seeing a black man....expose other blacks for their ignorance and stupidity! Well done, Steve!

  • J/Ash/Bran AudioScripts

    J/Ash/Bran AudioScripts

     7 hours ago

    Did that moron just say Jose starts with H?

  • Mike Rom

    Mike Rom

     7 hours ago

    You must be so dumb to watch shit like this.

  • M C

    M C

     8 hours ago

    That mommy mama part was so long and dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️that I felt stupid with them 😂😂😂

  • Amazing 190

    Amazing 190

     8 hours ago

    My god the first 10 seconds I watch this someone is so stupid

  • Barbara Lonero

    Barbara Lonero

     8 hours ago

    And that host is a jackass

  • Barbara Lonero

    Barbara Lonero

     8 hours ago

    Well what do you expect for a dumb show that is the dumbest show I've ever seen because they asked the dumbest flipping questions

  • CaptainAhab117


     9 hours ago

    Some people give their answers with such confidence that I thought I misheard the question.

  • Alexandra Singer

    Alexandra Singer

     9 hours ago

    I think she meant mommy like in Spanish, mamí