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The Journey To Waist Length | My Hair Story.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • The journey to waist length hair, where I went wrong and why I started again after 6 years of growth.

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    || W A T C H ||

    Silk wrap heatless straightening method:

    Trying the curly girl method:

    My last hair care and styling routine:

    Getting the brazillian Keratin Treatment:

    I have decided to remove my journey to waist length series from Youtube due to the fact that the videos are so old and of very poor production value. So this video should sum up that series for you!
    Time to make a new Hair Journey Series!

    || F O L L O W ||

    I n s t a g r a m

    S n a p c h a t

    F a c e b o o k

    || A C T I N G ||

    I n s t a g r a m

    T w i t t e r

    || S H O P ||

    D e p o p

    E q u i p m e n t
    ● Laptop - Apple Macbook pro 15 inch ➥
    ● Camera - Cannon 600D (Rebel t3i) ➥
    ● Vlog Camera - Canon g7x ➥
    ● Lighting - Soft Box ➥
    ● Voiceover Recording - Rode NT1 Microphone ➥
    ● Editing Software - Final Cut Pro
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    Lakey Inspired

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  • Dumi MDKN

    Dumi MDKN

     4 months ago +38068

    Can we just comment on how well u put this video together? I don’t even have long hair or your hair type yet I’m here watching your whole video.

  • Rebecca Brazyyy

    Rebecca Brazyyy

     34 minutes ago

    Why’s this little white girl complaining

  • Blissfulwish


     8 hours ago

    @all the people in the comments telling her the girls in the pictures had extensions:

    You guys do realize that girls who do have long hair like that with no extensions do exist in real life, right? I know several girls with hair exactly like that in real life, no extensions. It's not in their genetics, some of them have family members, sisters even, who have short hair that never grows past their shoulders. It's all about hair care, and having HEALTHY hair.

  • Pink Paws

    Pink Paws

     9 hours ago

    Ok so... try mayonnaise... put it on your scalp and rub it in... I swear! It makes my hair (I have wavy hair) super thick, glossy, and straight! Make sure to wash it out!

  • Aphro Cosmo

    Aphro Cosmo

     10 hours ago

    I don't even shower if I don't go somewhere because I'm lazy. But my hair looks more healthy than her trying everything to take care of her hair. I think you just took a little bit too far for your hair. Plus I think it's because of Brazilian or something in the salon. Because everyone who rebond their hair iis becoming wavy and frizzy. I just notice that (Sorry for my poor english)

  • MaddieZodiacs


     12 hours ago

    Can someone tell me if your hair falls out in the shower

  • Kate Patterson

    Kate Patterson

     12 hours ago

    How often do you shampoo your hair. If you do it too often it’s actually damaging for your hair.

  • Fitness Cinda

    Fitness Cinda

     13 hours ago

    Could be washing too often and too hot water. Making it dry.

  • EliteSpritest


     15 hours ago

    She acts like her hair is making her depressed but I’m not going to complain

  • When Whe

    When Whe

     15 hours ago

    I'm so happy I never had any of these problems lmao

  • hobi luvr

    hobi luvr

     16 hours ago

    i LOL’d at that person suggesting you might have 2b or 2c hair. good lord

  • serenity atkinson

    serenity atkinson

     16 hours ago

    hi I think you should use regular argon oil sit in then after wrap it silk and when you wake up you should put in argon oil after

  • steve harvey

    steve harvey

     16 hours ago

    this is the most annoying video i’ve ever watched. no offense

  • Pointless Bullshit

    Pointless Bullshit

     16 hours ago

    Stop trying to make your hair straight, ugh it just wants to live

  • Kimberly Cisneros

    Kimberly Cisneros

     17 hours ago +1

    I’m EXACTLY like you

  • cynthia pintia

    cynthia pintia

     17 hours ago

    Jesus, IT'S JUST FREAKIN HAIR. This is a whole documentary, my brain hurts.



     17 hours ago

    When Instagram pictures becomes a source of stress and toxic.

  • MK.


     18 hours ago

    i do that too with trimming 1 cm

  • Gacha Elle

    Gacha Elle

     18 hours ago

    My hair used to go to my waist... My mum forced me to cut it and I actually cried.

  • No U

    No U

     20 hours ago

    Should've tried experimenting with approved oils for your hair or washing it less, i dunno if you tried it but the more i wash MY hair it gets frizzy