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Clueless SA | Saha the Star | INDvSA | BolWasim |

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • India again Dominated
    Clueless South Africa
    Saha the New star
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  • anju bisht

    anju bisht

     1 months ago

    Wasim sir should try for acting, looks very handsome

  • Shree B

    Shree B

     1 months ago

    Awesome unbiased analysis...Wasim Bhai... Keep up the good work...Respect from India

  • Lffuwefg Seghhfd

    Lffuwefg Seghhfd

     1 months ago

    Saha bong 👌 mazboot. Ab Delhi ke chokre 😈 rishab ko ghar bejo. Pak fan 😭.

  • muhammad akram

    muhammad akram

     1 months ago

    ‏کوئی تو سمجھائے کپتان کو یہ22 کڑور کی آبادی والا ملک اور صرف چھ ٹیمیں-کمال ہے سوچنے والوں اور ہاں میں ہاں ملانے والوں پر-آسٹریلیا کی کاپی مت کرو وہاں دو کروڑ کی آبادی ہے اور پچاس کھیل اور کھیلے جاتے ہیں- پاکستان میں تو کرکٹ کے علاوہ کوئی کھیل کھیلا ہی نہی جا تآ-⁦‪

  • Vishal Bharadwaj

    Vishal Bharadwaj

     1 months ago

    @bolwasim: i think saha will play in home series where indian batsmen are dominant and pant will play in overseas series where an extra batsmen in him will come handy..

  • Anil Saxena

    Anil Saxena

     1 months ago

    I Love you sir

  • Ahsan Azam

    Ahsan Azam

     1 months ago

    markram, de bruyn and bavuma are the real culprits. no real performance but still in the team.

  • smile


     1 months ago

    Very well analysed respect and love from India

  • Prem Meena

    Prem Meena

     1 months ago

    Is video ko like kardo bikari log he hamara gungan karke pet bharte he bichare



     1 months ago

    Love your way of talking as well as process of match analysis.
    From Kolkata.



     1 months ago


  • Sourav Bag

    Sourav Bag

     1 months ago

    Copy from Ramiz raza

  • Anil Singh

    Anil Singh

     1 months ago

    2 match = 80 points

  • Satya Sarkar

    Satya Sarkar

     1 months ago

    Rishav more hype than substance. He is fit for one dayers and shortest format. Saha is absolutely necessary for Test cricket.

  • Robin George

    Robin George

     1 months ago

    2 matches mein 80 points, not 40

  • Suraj HK

    Suraj HK

     1 months ago

    ajinkya ko chodke vihari ko le sakte ya pujara ko chodkar vihar aa sakta hai

  • SINGH JI ki vaani

    SINGH JI ki vaani

     1 months ago +2

    When India went to south africa they are also struggling their. Jai hind

  • Prakash


     1 months ago

    We always enjoy your narration Wasim bhai. Love from we Indians.

  • Ihtisham Khan

    Ihtisham Khan

     1 months ago

    Sir Wasim Khan I'm a big fan, and i desperately waiting for your videos but
    Please stop discussing Indian cricket that much as their experts didn't even talk about our team

  • gaurab shrestha

    gaurab shrestha

     1 months ago

    Wasim 40 point nahe 80 point already leliyahain