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The Smallest Gaming Setup in the World

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • Go To to take back your Internet Privacy TODAY & find out how you can get 3 months free!HAVE YOU EVER REALLY WANTED TO PLAY RANKED OR FORTNITE ON A PC THE SIZE OF A DONUT? HAAHA SAME BRO SO IN THIS VIDEO WE DO THAT. Hello everyone in this video we play Ranked Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Ranked Apex Legends on the smallest gaming setup in the world. The entire gaming setup, including the monitor and peripherals, fit inside of a box that is 5x4x2.5 inches. I have done the research, and this is the smallest. Here is a link to the LattePanda Alpha used in the video is a link to the 1 inch screen a link to the intel computestick used you would like to buy some merch, or do anything else to me on the internet here are my links:BASICALLY HOMELESS MERCH 😎⚡ ⚡If you buy a shirt while I am streaming it will pop up on stream. is a link to my second channel⚡ ⚡I stream at☔DISCORD☔INSTAGRAM☔TWITTER☔SC: MisterHomeless☔FACEBOOK☔Reddit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Sizzle - Madness ParanoiaThis video documents the process of me getting a tiny mouse, keyboard, pc, and monitor to all work together to create the tiniest gaming setup in the entire world. I have seen others make small PC setups, but mine is smaller. #TinyEpicGamer #BasicallyHomelessThank you guys so much for watching my videos and helping support me. I really do appreciate it. God bless y'all.
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  • XqzMe1337


     21 days ago +1673

    dudes pullin out more frames than me with a cardboard box wtf is that

  • RBXHigh YT

    RBXHigh YT

     7 days ago +214

    This dude playing a high graphic game with a cardboard box
    when my laptop cant run the offline dino.

  • Yamin Danial

    Yamin Danial

     14 days ago +279

    Bruh that 1inch monitor is for like a smart watch, you actually gamed on a smart watch.
    Still better than the new Apple monitor

  • Anomaly Wonkster

    Anomaly Wonkster

     14 days ago +145

    He’ll whip this out during the wedding when he gets bored

  • zarith4fiddy


     6 days ago +39

    Without realising, Mr Homeless just almost completed part 1 and part 2 of the Final Year Project & thesis for my Bachelor of electronic engineering course

  • Bowelz Jr.

    Bowelz Jr.

     21 days ago +2912

    His next display is just going to be a single pixel that changes color

  • L10R


     7 days ago +206

    Thats actually better than my pc. No kidding, im 30 fps on siege

  • Happy Frog

    Happy Frog

     14 days ago +74

    When you think you're having a good game...
    When in reality, there is someone, somewhere, with a 1 inch monitor, as your opponent.

  • 77 Bxrry

    77 Bxrry

     14 days ago +51

    But the switch can’t run Fortnite over 30 FPS.....

  • Captain Currymuncher

    Captain Currymuncher

     yesterday +1

    Mr Hummus pls use hackerman skills to teach how to play terro hunt offline it would be gud idea bc literally the hole siege community wants it

  • NinjaPanda 236

    NinjaPanda 236

     21 days ago +3215

    Ok today we’re playing on 4:3 resolution
    4 pixels by 3 pixels
    Edit: this got a lot of likes

  • Eddy Leyva

    Eddy Leyva

     12 hours ago +2

    He’s playing in this setup and he’s still getting most FPS than console

  • Sinearchi


     14 days ago +38

    Congratulations on your not single-ness
    good luck with the dishwashers

  • brickstar56


     7 days ago +23

    You could probably minimize the keyboard with one of those laser projector keyboards

  • BcnMstr - Playz

    BcnMstr - Playz

     5 hours ago +1

    when you realize that his diy skills are better than his gaming skills

  • Yağız Yağmur

    Yağız Yağmur

     21 days ago +3256

    His fiancee: doing wedding plans
    Homeless: playing siege on a one inch monitor

  • The Shadow Sanctum

    The Shadow Sanctum

     5 days ago +8

    How does that setup run better than my 2000$ labtop WTF! lol RIP

  • ej villavicencio

    ej villavicencio

     6 days ago +6

    this has got to be a world record!
    Guiness has to visit him

  • yealetFNG


     14 days ago +17

    my computer can run 50 fps but your tiny thing runs 120 fps




    I'm genuinely impressed good job dude it's hard to impress me