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Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 3, 2009
  • Adam Lambert's official music video for 'For Your Entertainment'. Click to listen to Adam Lambert on Spotify: featured on For Your Entertainment. Click to buy the track or album viaiTunes: Play: From Adam LambertWhataya Want From Me: I Had You: Close Our Eyes: great 00's videos here: Adam LambertWebsite: to Adam Lambert on YouTube: hotOut the boxCan you pick up the pace?Turn it up,Heat it upI need to be entertainedPush the limitAre you with it?Baby, don't be afraidI'm a hurt 'ya real good, babyLet's goIt's my showBaby, do what I sayDon't trip off the glitzThat I'm gonna displayI told yaI'm a hold ya down until you're amazedGive it to ya 'til you're screaming my nameNo escaping when I startOnce I'm in I own your heartThere's no way you'll ring the alarmSo hold on until it's over#AdamLambert #ForYourEntertainment #Vevo
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  • Jack None Provided

    Jack None Provided

     7 months ago +1410

    Pink: "I'm not here for your entertainment"
    Adam: "Hold my beer"

  • Peter parkers ass

    Peter parkers ass

     7 months ago +1221

    trying to explain to my parents that this isn't porn

  • empty pandora

    empty pandora

     9 months ago +1847

    "Take the pain,
    Take the pleasure I'm the master of both. "
    Choke me papi

  • The DitsyDorito

    The DitsyDorito

     9 months ago +959

    I screamed when he did that little thing with his eyebrow

  • Rose L

    Rose L

     4 months ago +501

    Men are very lucky to have this amazing specimen. Us women are jealous.

  • LeCasualDragon


     6 months ago +484

    love how he's gay but all these girls in the comments be like

  • It’s SNAP

    It’s SNAP

     7 months ago +199

    I’m not gay but Lambert can get it

  • Kurochitora Rinamaya

    Kurochitora Rinamaya

     7 months ago +734

    It's 2019 and I'm still crushing so hard 😍😍😢😢

  • Salsa Be

    Salsa Be

     3 months ago +37

    Love how he's just casually holding a snake 🐍
    Also LOVE his eyebrows "once I'm in I own your heart." 😍😍

  • chey_bridgfam2.0


     3 months ago +263

    I know I'm not supposed to fall in love with this guy because he's gay but when he smirked I went oh lawd....

  • espresso alpaca

    espresso alpaca

     3 months ago +340

    it's 2019 and i'm still trembling at 0:49 jesus christ my HEART

  • Mavis Ride

    Mavis Ride

     6 months ago +429

    Who's in 2019 and is watching this????😍

  • Cheyenne Stephens

    Cheyenne Stephens

     8 months ago +209

    I always blush so hard at 0:49 I mean, that smirk and eyebrow wiggle will get you everytime! 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Cơ Huyền

    Cơ Huyền

     8 months ago +81

    Adam: I’m gay.
    Me: Oh shoot. And you were so hot, guess I’ll have to-
    Adam: ~Let me entertain you till you screaaa-ayyayayaaaaam~

  • ImmaGirl Betch

    ImmaGirl Betch

     3 months ago +188

    I have one thing to say.
    HOT. DAMN.

  • Midnight Mystery

    Midnight Mystery

     4 months ago +64

    This is the sexiest man alive no question about it

  • tacosauce77


     4 years ago +3345

    We all have that one song that make us want to be a stripper...  i mean what

  • Cherokee Rose

    Cherokee Rose

     3 months ago +115

    After 10 years his eyebrow wiggle still gets me 🤤🤤🤤🤤. Mmmm.

  • kyrstene


     2 months ago +99

    when he sang "once im in, i own your heart" and do that thing with his brows and smirked,, THATS IT! HE OWNS ME!

  • Rose Stolarz

    Rose Stolarz

     4 months ago +176

    When he says "Once I'm in I own your heart" and smirks well damn!!!