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Violence breaks out as police try to clear Hong Kong protesters | AFP

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Police fight with protesters in Hong Kong, using batons and pepper spray as they try to clear demonstrators from the city's parliament after a massive crowds marched against plans to allow extraditions to China. IMAGES.Abonnez-vous à la chaîne de l'AFP, et pensez à activer les notifications
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  • littleMschat

     4 days ago

    I support HK protestors but these wayward teenagers in this video should not beat up the policeman.

  • Tony Wong


    lol they downed the police and kicked him that way, then calling it peaceful protest.

  • Huavan Cuong


    communist lies,Please save and support Hong Kong...... Love you hong Kong from VIETNAM... Keep it up

  • Dead Paul Random

     4 days ago

    Hong Kong don't want to be a China country

  • rooster park


    No.It is right that you aren't only representative youself.don't representative all HK citizen.plz go out say y

  • Justin00704

     8 days ago

    Democracy for Hong Kong and China!

  • GZ Z




     10 days ago

    When you stand back and look at the world its really unravelling fast...

  • b1untrama

     4 days ago

    No its not

  • rob1248996

     7 days ago

    First Rule For A Politician: Don't piss off a million people!!

  • Nimitz CHAN


    @滾出中國大陸黃俄馬列鬼子 You looks really fucking innocent person. Killing 1 million is not many.

  • Nitro

     9 days ago

    Hong kong police is corrupted and infiltrated by bully oppressice china

  • S Brad

     4 days ago

    I send a huge support to Hong Kong. Justice always win at the end. From Korea.

  • Tailasy


    @Yuchao Wang either just get a life instead trash talk to any foreigner!

  • Yuchao Wang

     4 days ago

    korean fuck off