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Gross Pranks! Compilation | Walk the Prank | Disney XD

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
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  • Elizebeth Augusta

    Elizebeth Augusta

     3 months ago +17

    1:12 MOMO!!! no offence that's how Momo looks

  • Lilly Petal

    Lilly Petal

     3 months ago +14

    This is a blast from the past

  • Lapis Dreamurr

    Lapis Dreamurr

     3 months ago +129

    I thought she was turning to Momo
    In the thumbnail

  • Kasey Edwards

    Kasey Edwards

     3 months ago +18

    No looks like my Ripleys believe or not but that look like Momo
    But I do you like this video

  • Cu Ngu

    Cu Ngu

     3 months ago +10

    this things is famous all my familly like wait for new episodes

  • DarkShark RT

    DarkShark RT

     3 months ago +11

    In the first one u looked like momo

  • Prasaes Landrau

    Prasaes Landrau

     3 months ago +10

    Anybody notice how easy it was to see that camera in the tent

  • Uni Vids

    Uni Vids

     3 months ago +9

    0:30 me at school when someone try to talk to me

  • Fawafale The bunny

    Fawafale The bunny

     2 months ago +10

    1st one
    That is 100% fake how did she not know this was a prank

  • Rochell Dorado

    Rochell Dorado

     7 days ago +1

    You can tell b cuz the fake eye did not blink

  • Rex Puppet

    Rex Puppet

     3 months ago +7

    This j's old only ogs will remember

  • Alicia Soto

    Alicia Soto

     21 days ago

    I liked the position he was in it looked funny

  • Sebastian mundo

    Sebastian mundo

     21 days ago +2

    You pay people to act like they walk the prank even if they don't want to!!!

  • Miranda


     3 months ago +29

    4:02 I thought she said “negros” 😧
    Oh yeah we fighting 😂😠

  • Meah plays Minecraft And More Also Sims

    Meah plays Minecraft And More Also Sims

     2 months ago

    At lest she none of them got really nad

  • Zephricus


     3 months ago

    Why was this in my recommendation list?

  • Harper Erdmann

    Harper Erdmann

     3 months ago +2

    Haha funny as heck guys 🤣

  • Armeek Papazyan

    Armeek Papazyan

     3 months ago

    OMG this new cool

  • Taira D Vlogs

    Taira D Vlogs

     1 months ago

    Why does James on the fake snot one he looks like amber from andi Mack a little bit

  • Mia Cortright

    Mia Cortright

     1 months ago

    That first prank was so short tho xD