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We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JTnE3TBIYDs


  • Sajith Weerasooriya

    Sajith Weerasooriya

     1 months ago +2072

    Did anyone else think Linus was going to hydro dip the entire GPU?... No?.... Just me then?... Oh okay.

  • Brad Kasprowicz

    Brad Kasprowicz

     1 months ago +563

    Hey Linus!! I work at a paint facility that has a full blown Hydro Dipping machine. If you are interested in seeing how this is done then hit me up!!

  • pessoa da gama

    pessoa da gama

     1 months ago +877

    "Why does NVIDIA glue some cables? We don't know" Jiggles the fan cable to make it work again

  • Eden Chan

    Eden Chan

     1 months ago +220

    Linus : Slaps roof of mat
    This bad boy can disassemble alot of graphic cards

  • Bryan


     8 hours ago +1

    just Segways to say that in reality he will hydro dip a CPU instead of GPU. then ends up dipping Denis and his hand.

  • Graphincer


     1 months ago +2798

    The only thing I haven’t seen on this channels that’s weird. Water cooling a tv or monitor.

  • julien.


     1 months ago +170

    No close up of the card, hummm ok

  • SnootBooper


     1 months ago +67

    Paint and computer parts: perfectly ok!
    Paint, computer parts and Linus: definitely not ok

  • War Thunder

    War Thunder

     14 days ago +26

    it looks like a white rtx with some Cheetos dust on it

  • Reggie 39

    Reggie 39


    For somebody like me that doesn't even owns a GPU is very nerverecking when you strip that RTX 2080Ti

  • KangKung


     1 months ago +2488

    linus grabbing the bucket of water
    GPU : “why do i hear boss music?”

  • Bryan


     8 hours ago

    you should have taken the fans off of the motors and hydro dipped them too!

  • Younes You

    Younes You

     1 months ago +62

    me : struggling with a gt 710
    Linus : painting an rtx 2080ti

  • Ian Howell

    Ian Howell

     1 months ago +8

    "Why would they do this? I don't know." - Linus is 10% transformed into Louis Rossman.

  • Subham Dey

    Subham Dey


    Yessss now we will get 100 fps more😆😆

  • KrayL


     1 months ago +1045

    Linus should definitely hydro dip a case and make a full hydro dipped build

  • CABaaL1337


     1 months ago +16

    Hydro dip everything!
    Monitor, keyboard, mice, case, all components! (Do it live stream also) :D

  • EliteBanana


     7 days ago +5

    Whoever taught him how to hydro dip should be fired

  • Noa Animations

    Noa Animations

     1 months ago +32

    Linus: "We want RGB !!"
    Also Linus: "...with just boring old LEDs..."

  • King Kromulus

    King Kromulus

     14 days ago +3

    Glue is cheaper than micro bolts. Cheaper to use, cheaper to design for. It's a cheap product. Doesn't look good for nvidia honestly.