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How To: Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners! Easy Ways to Change Up Your Writing Style!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 8, 2018
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  • Adya

     9 months ago

    I guess I am the only one who noticed she wrote caligraphy instead of calligraphy

  • Galaxy Gacha

     5 days ago

    It’s different for different cultures

  • L O N E L Y H E L P

     6 days ago

    Na I didnt

  • iivioletroseii

     7 months ago

    can I just use my eyeliner as a calligraphy pen? ;))

  • My Name Is Dream

     5 days ago

    @곰Aijeuwon Wizwan and y would i call u a bitch? I only release what i have received. She was not being nice so i was not nice back. Its a bad habit of mine. I do not have anger issues but i do have depression. Anytime somebody is mean to me, I'm mean back. I'm not just going to let a person slide. I speak up for what i believe in. Ur comment was not in any way rude so for that reason, i will not call u a bitch or better yet, be rude. Honestly if u knew me, I'm a very happy person. I only get angry when...

  • 곰Aijeuwon Wizwan

     7 days ago

    My Name Is Dream Srsly you can just remind that person that its a joke in a nice way.The person you were arguing with (the one that deleted her replies) didnt do anything wrong.You can say that she deleted her replies thats why we cant understand you,but talking like that (even the way you talk to the other commenters) isnt appropriate.You're not stating the facts,you said that in your replies,you were stating your OWN FACT to criticize a person.We can use our common sense that she cant identify that t...

  • concon plays

     4 months ago

    Natalie: these are the basic steps you CANNOT fail.Me: fails EVERY. SINGLE. STEP😑😑😑

  • Mina Altaf

     15 days ago


  • kermit _notkermet

     a months ago

    Watch Amandarachlee's videos. That will help you a lot. And, You're welcome

  • aaron x

     3 months ago

    You WillNotGuessWho’s TheBestHandWriterRead the first word

  • My Name Is Dream

     5 days ago

    It would have been funnier if u put "read the 3rd then 1st word"

  • Jen Jen

     16 days ago

    Cant agree

  • Defne Demir

     2 months ago

    Natalie: Master Your CursiveAlso Natalie: So you don't need to be an expert...CHOOSE ONE PLEASE

  • Shantal17 Carreon

     2 months ago

    When i want to try what shes teaching and then i remember...Oh i dont have the materials! 😰😢😘😁

  • Diamond Playz

     28 days ago

    You can do faux calligraphy

  • Kacey Young

     4 months ago

    5:07 live weird or die

  • Gabriela Sanchez

     11 days ago

    Lmao lol I’m dead

  • Tasfi

     17 days ago


  • bluemilk__adi.

     8 months ago

    im not trying to be rude, but I think marvy markers and better for more advanced people since they are so flexible. I think smaller brush pens that are firm or Crayola markers are a good start! <3 My recommendations are tombow dual brush pens, pentel fude touch, kuretake fudebyori, and tombow fudenosuke!


     11 days ago

    yeah i agree. flexible tips are harder to control as a beginner. small hard tip brush pens are way more comfortable to work with as a beginner

  • earthworm sally

     18 days ago

    She already said that.

  • uwu

     9 months ago

    Word of the day: *HELLO*

  • Aesthetic - PUBG

     9 months ago

    Unknown lol

  • Trisha's Lyrics

     9 months ago

    i always write hello when i do calligraphy

  • Hiew Yu

     2 months ago

    0:15 She wrote caligraphy instead of calligraphyLike if you noticed that too.

  • Sakura Suzuki

     16 days ago

    Hiew Yu A comment 8 months ago already commented this.

  • gerald le epic rekt

     a months ago

    Auric & Andrea G xd