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Unluckiest Moments in Sports History

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/K1ah1Vw5IJw


  • Kaiping Zhang

    Kaiping Zhang

     6 hours ago

    5:36 wtf

  • Ben G

    Ben G

     7 days ago

    Any video that starts with an ad or a 'please subscribe' AUTOMATICALLY gets a thumbs down!

  • Crushed dragon

    Crushed dragon

     21 days ago

    Yeah. Laugh at someone getting a nutshot. How about I die of laughter when you get hit

  • Crushed dragon

    Crushed dragon

     21 days ago

    Unluckiest moments In sports

    Tiger Woods drink driving.

  • Craig Foster

    Craig Foster

     21 days ago

    A mans 1 weak spot you hit there and chances are he'll cry like a girl

  • Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice

     28 days ago

    3:51 Checkmate.

  • Dave Trotter

    Dave Trotter

     a months ago

    Pudge in the pudge.

  • Jason Horowitz

    Jason Horowitz

     a months ago

    1:48 this pretty much sums up rangers hockey these days...

  • ben yankee

    ben yankee

     a months ago

    You forgot the main one of the bird getting hit by a pitch

  • Haywire


     a months ago

    What's the rule on the seagull clip? New ball in the original spot?

  • Captain_Pudding


     a months ago

    2:53 isn't bad luck, it's good defense

  • Lee Hanson

    Lee Hanson

     2 months ago

    Those nut shots had me hurting......

  • Bilal Aslam

    Bilal Aslam

     2 months ago

    "The 3 point line has just not been kind"
    *Player shoots 3 pointer in own basket
    Me: You don't say!

  • Lexx1976


     2 months ago

    From Golf Pro to Seagull hunter in one game

  • Cody


     2 months ago

    3:50 you can't be a man have not felt that!

  • Ryan Landenberger

    Ryan Landenberger

     2 months ago


  • Luminous Kiwi 🥝

    Luminous Kiwi 🥝

     2 months ago

    5:12 even if he didn’t score that, it would still be a shitty ball to his keeper. It’s not unlucky because he could’ve played it on the ground but has to play an extremely risky ball backwards. He had many other options up the field as well, so this was Kondogbias fault completely.

  • iqbaltrojan


     2 months ago +1

    whoever made the captions idiot

  • Jim Krause

    Jim Krause

     2 months ago

    Would that count as 3 points for the other team at 0:36?

  • Lazaro Perez

    Lazaro Perez

     2 months ago +1