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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - All Bosses [No Damage]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
  • All main bosses from the game. There's also about 40 mini-bosses but they will be included in other video.

    Bosses in video:

    [00:00] 1. Genichiro Ashina
    [04:24] 2. Gyoubu Oniwa
    [06:54] 3. Lady Butterfly
    [11:22] 4. Genichiro Ashina/Genichiro, Way of Tomoe
    [18:23] 5. Folding Screen Monkeys
    [23:03] 6. Guardian Ape
    [28:31] 7. Corrupted Monk
    [31:13] 8. Headless Ape
    [37:48] 9. Emma, the Gentle Blade
    [40:09] 10. Isshin Ashina
    [43:31] 11. Great Shinobi - Owl
    [48:40] 12. True Monk
    [52:16] 13. Divine Dragon
    [59:23] 14. Owl (Father)
    [1:04:25] 15. Demon of Hatred
    [1:11:59] 16. Genichiro, Way of Tomoe
    [1:13:53] 17. Isshin, the Sword Saint

    [1:20:43] Ending
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  • Prashant Singh Rana

    Prashant Singh Rana


    fuck this must have taken a long time to make this video

  • Special-Nightcore Gaming-Mix

    Special-Nightcore Gaming-Mix

     2 days ago

    U got damaged in the first fight...

  • iwashungrysoi _

    iwashungrysoi _

     3 days ago

    I’ll wait for charmless / bell demon no damage run.

  • edgar garcia

    edgar garcia

     3 days ago

    It is possible to learn this kind of power?

  • Kiattisak Taniktangtrakool

    Kiattisak Taniktangtrakool

     3 days ago

    the best

  • ItsYaBoi lol

    ItsYaBoi lol

     3 days ago

    It's not fair

    The bosses were paid actors

  • あいうえお


     4 days ago




     5 days ago

    How is this even possible this game is so fucking hard it’s unbelievable and he makes it look like it’s on the beginner difficulty

  • Thành Nguyễn

    Thành Nguyễn

     6 days ago

    Did you hole guard?

  • ベジータ


     6 days ago +1

    Damn these Reflexes. This guy has mastered ultra instinct.

  • Peyton Spain

    Peyton Spain

     6 days ago

    I never understood the guardian ape thing. Like I get with games, your imagination has to justify some things- but like... Why do they have its body disappear, then make it scream in the distance? They could've just left its body there, and when the player gets the flower then it could've screamed, and the body be gone- or like... Just show the body standing up and running away? Why'd they do it in such a weird way?

  • Miegeyewsky


     7 days ago +1

    GUCIO <3

  • ميرلو كلين 2

    ميرلو كلين 2

     7 days ago +1

    I want you to help me solve the old woman, I am very tired of it, please

  • Alen Ajanović

    Alen Ajanović

     7 days ago

    What an Alpha

  • Erik Escobar

    Erik Escobar

     7 days ago +1

    Gellot:No damage
    Literally first boss:*cuts off his arm*

  • DaRulez Lulez

    DaRulez Lulez

     7 days ago

    Healthbar: exist
    Gellot: you are a joke to me

  • Mu Al

    Mu Al

     7 days ago

    -And so.. who is the easiest boss in sekiro?

  • Vip3reK3


     7 days ago

    Prawie jak gucio KEKW

  • Антон Платонов

    Антон Платонов

     7 days ago

    33:31 best part in video

  • mr. goldenman

    mr. goldenman

     7 days ago