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Maria Franz of Heilung - LIFA Vocals

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 28, 2017
  • In Maidjan3:47 Krigsgaldr11:28 Fylgija / Futhorck14:06 Othan
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  • Valkyr Dose

     9 months ago

    This is not music or art or performance.This is pure magic.

  • R & E Jackson

     14 days ago

    @Seet Clear I have studied the occult and wicca. Yes, one must exercise caution and be respectful when involved in magic or ritual.

  • Wretched

     1 months ago

    @Grell Sutcliff Let's see some magic then, you fucking loser weeaboo

  • Helder Julio

     7 months ago

    This language is proto Norse. Not old norse. Old norse was the language spoken by the vikings. This is much older. This was the language that some germanic people spoken on the Downfall of roman Empire hundreds of years before the viking advent. More, this have pagan influence from the 0 to 500 ad. Not that end of pagan influence in nords land of circa 800-900, the time of viking era. So heilung whant to show something more older and primitive than..." Viking music", because this is not that...

  • Carochka Vorobieva

     2 days ago

    No one speaks the old norse anymore

  • Carochka Vorobieva

     2 days ago

    Im half German scandinavian. And you are correct. This isnt the old norse eng. Its the more modern version

  • Rose Avery

     1 years ago

    This speaks to me in ways I can not articulate with words......

  • Paul Spence

     23 days ago

    something primal and ancient?

  • Crit Chance

     1 months ago

    @L Smith gtfo then

  • Eidolus Gad

     11 months ago

    Maria is the sound of Mother Earth.

  • Richard Ikin

     2 days ago

    Gaia be blessed, Her sound is the wind and rain, birdsong and crickets, leaves rustling in the breeze.

  • Fernando Cruz

     24 days ago

    Así es, una de las mujeres que sostienen el equilibrio, de este nuestro hogar y de los peces, plantas, animales y minerales. Aho.

  • The Cinema Cynic

     1 years ago

    She's amazing <3 I just discovered this band a few days ago but my favourite part about them is her voice.

  • Habbiitz

     27 days ago

    Same here!!

  • Gary Cooper

     1 months ago

    Same, maybe a week ago tops..never knew I was missing something..

  • XokX

     3 days ago

    that is beautiful!!! makes me realize where my ppl came from! i can understand when listening to this...the strength the determination of my ppl...makes a lot of sense when you hear someone paying homage to it!!!

  • Mikial Thorvarsson

     7 months ago

    I've been a musician most of my life. Been in studios, recorded, performed at everything from clubs to Medieval events, won awards . . . and I have never heard a more perfectly modulated, crisp and pure voice in my life. Absolutely stunning.

  • laswan s.

     1 months ago

    Mikial you nailed it!

  • Niklas Gather

     1 months ago

    @Judas Iscariot Yes, All blah.

  • Elliot Harkin

     11 months ago

    the album underutilised her vocals so much, that's why I only listen to the live album because her voice is honestly so haunting it gives me shivers every time !

  • Rasputina29

     2 months ago

    Ofnir showcased Maria's voice great! Kai's is the one that was underutilized if anyone's was which I don't think anyway.  Rock On!

  • Rasputina29

     2 months ago

    True Elliot Harkin but Kai's vox are also excellent. The sickest male vocals I've heard since Max Cavalera.

  • Pelle Händén

     25 days ago

    This is true religion, down to the DNA level pure magic

  • Morrigan Ravenchild

     11 months ago

    This goes straight to your soul and awakens the ancient sacred memories of the time when we were from the Great Northern Forests and were one with the bear, the wolf.and the deer.

  • Ryan Provonsha

     6 days ago

    @Dmitri Kozlowsky Neanderthals aren't totally gone either, in a way. Europeans tend to be between 1%-4% Neanderthal in their DNA. Reading about their peaceful, spiritual, musical nature, it makes me happy to be a bit Neanderthal myself. If you have at least some European ancestry, you might be able to find physical features about yourself that only Neanderthals had; for instance I seem to have a small Occipital Bun as part of the back of my head, a round protrusion at the lower rear part of the skull. ...

  • samayaman reincarnation

     1 months ago

    Dont forget the giants