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Maria Franz of Heilung - LIFA Vocals

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 28, 2017
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  • Uriah Anderson

    Uriah Anderson

     1 months ago +197

    This must be a Forsworn party in Skyrim.

  • Arúviel Evenstar

    Arúviel Evenstar

     6 months ago +105

    I was at this concert of Heilung, it was an ancient ritual, magic and mezmerizing. The Moon rose up full and Beautiful behind the stage. Real Pagan 🌒🌕🌘

  • Natalia Sabotash

    Natalia Sabotash

     11 months ago +747

    This is not music or art or performance.
    This is pure magic.

  • Helder Julio

    Helder Julio

     9 months ago +742

    This language is proto Norse. Not old norse. Old norse was the language spoken by the vikings. This is much older. This was the language that some germanic people spoken on the Downfall of roman Empire hundreds of years before the viking advent. More, this have pagan influence from the 0 to 500 ad. Not that end of pagan influence in nords land of circa 800-900, the time of viking era. So heilung whant to show something more older and primitive than..." Viking music", because this is not that, is another thing, as i said before.

  • Mikial Thorvarsson

    Mikial Thorvarsson

     9 months ago +466

    I've been a musician most of my life. Been in studios, recorded, performed at everything from clubs to Medieval events, won awards . . . and I have never heard a more perfectly modulated, crisp and pure voice in my life. Absolutely stunning.

  • Simple: Transcend Duality

    Simple: Transcend Duality

     8 months ago +119

    Her costume is equally as horrifying as it is beautiful. <3

  • ma e

    ma e

     2 months ago +70

    For those who are confused on the time frame of what this is representing, it's not necessarily "Vikings," and more or less not Neolithic. It's Proto-Germanic she's singing here, and in most of their music. It's Pre-Migration Period, 600 years before the Vikings, ~1st Century CE til ~550 when Elder Futhark broke into Younger Futhark. It's based on historical linguistic reconstruction and snippets of text found archeologically and through Tacitus & Saxo Grammaticus, some of which were carved in runes on bone fragments, or described pejoratively by Latin writers, who described the throat singing as like "howling dogs," when it would sound provisionally like in this video, inferred by the Sammi, Mongol, Indigenous Greenland, and Faroese traditions which survived the ages relatively unchanged.
    Then they kinda do this English language "rap," which is based on descriptions of Galdralag and Seiðalag -- no surviving examples of which exist outside of very, very scant snippets in the Poetic and Prose Edda, and in descriptions by Saxo Grammaticus and possibly by Tacitus. The low growling and hissing, the forked fingers, is based on descriptions of Seiðr magic. That kind of image survived in the inspiration of "witches" which Christians were afraid of deeply, who were real people practicing a similar indigenous artform, and came to become an abstracted meme of its own that evolved & mutated into the 21st century in a vague smear of pop culture idioms.

  • Etheniel Past

    Etheniel Past

     9 months ago +69

    This bring me back to my sennn.....German
    ich fühle die Stärke der Vorfahren in der Musik

  • Jimantry Farwhill

    Jimantry Farwhill

     3 months ago +91

    I can see why its easy to trip off her voice alone, but the entire group working together like this is rare. This whole group is together like one spirit

  • Petra Stein

    Petra Stein

     9 months ago +110

    The name of this group is Heilung and Heilung is a german word, that means healing. This video is healing for me and for all the pain, that the katholic church has done to the women of Europe. When I hear this music and see this video, I feel the power of my germanic ancestors rising through my whole body.

  • Jeff Grubbs

    Jeff Grubbs

     7 months ago +82

    Shit I'm 3/4 native American and I feel a connection with this. 100/100

  • Budd Adam

    Budd Adam

     11 months ago +73

    My blue golden macaw listened to this it’s now an golden eagle

  • Nine Nights

    Nine Nights

     4 months ago +220

    If you have European blood in you and this doesn't awaken something inside, you need to rethink your life. Welcome to our "church". We walk with the Gods, not fear them.

  • Cinderella Jackson

    Cinderella Jackson

     13 minutes ago

    Oh !!!!! 😯 Her voice is incredible ! it looks like a mix of early flute and violin. Wonderful ..... 😍 this is the stronger of nature ❤

  • Phoenix Wing

    Phoenix Wing

     4 months ago +51

    God damn that voice at the start! She's got a mean set of pipes on her. That's insane amounts of talent, practice, and mastered technique.

  • Mikk Cali

    Mikk Cali

     6 months ago +55

    When she turns her head and though you cannot see her directly looking at you, she is. - I saw another comment, perhaps on a different video of their I’m not sure. Though someone described her as the spirit of the forest, a being yielding a power and unimaginable force, yet a serene wisdom and ambience. “The great mother”, “Mother Nature” May be another near description.
    Absolute power and wonder all portrayed at once! Simply incredible and absolutely gorgeous.

  • Eidolus Gad

    Eidolus Gad

     a years ago +891

    Maria is the sound of Mother Earth.

  • AmishRiot


     8 hours ago

    The comments on Heilung music is loaded with LARPers who like to invent a reality that matches their fantasy.

  • Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson

     a years ago +52

    Wow what a voice!!! I got intense chills!! Incredible woman!!

  • William Venable

    William Venable

     7 months ago +36

    I listen to them
    And forcsome reason I cry.
    My soul misses something.