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Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Finals

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • Ximo Pierto

    Ximo Pierto

     2 months ago +597

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  • john kolokotronis

    john kolokotronis

     2 months ago +1962

    This is how many prayers we have for KD to recover

  • Oleg Viatkin

    Oleg Viatkin

     2 months ago +703

    that one raptor fan who literally waved at the injury of an all-star player is the worst type of person smh

  • I need 20 subscribers

    I need 20 subscribers

     2 months ago +209

    Prayers up for KD 🙏 Big Respect to that man who sacrificed his body to help his team..

  • Green Envy

    Green Envy

     2 months ago +353

    I don't usually comment on refs.
    But what they did at the end of the game was UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Dilshara Wijesinghe

    Dilshara Wijesinghe

     2 months ago +312

    Wow last min, refs are trying so hard 😁😁

  • Herr Wasser

    Herr Wasser

     2 months ago +877

    KD sacrified his body for his teammates
    And then they played the heart out to get him the win

  • Denned Ryu

    Denned Ryu

     2 months ago +75

    Players- very humble

  • MasterGaming // MG

    MasterGaming // MG

     2 days ago +1

    Ehh cousins is injured 3 times over a year.
    Prayers for him.
    Also prayers for KD as well.

  • intra


     2 months ago +188

    I dont wanna hear anymore hate towards KD ... he sacrificed himself for the team and played his heart out... get well soon

  • Daniel Lord

    Daniel Lord

     2 months ago +70

    The people that cheered, so sad to watch. Idiots. KD looked amazing. Shame.
    The offensive foul on cousins was a joke. The screen was definately a foul though. Clearly.

  • Kankoro Bakoro

    Kankoro Bakoro

     2 months ago +1025

    Demarcus Cousins: I'll cost the warriors the game
    Kyle lowry: hold my neck

  • Kanaris Manolopoulos

    Kanaris Manolopoulos

     2 months ago +114

    Despite the amazing performance by the refs, the championship didn't come ... yet

  • Giuseppe Carmassi

    Giuseppe Carmassi

     2 months ago +180

    Missed 2 goaltends by Ibaka in Game 4, but they sure as hell were on top of that one by Cousins.

  • Aj’s crazy Adventures

    Aj’s crazy Adventures

     2 months ago +134

    Who else feels bad for Kevin Durant HES ON CRUTCHES
    Edit: thanks for all the likes

  • mfpv_detroit


     2 months ago +49

    They did everything to try and take this game from the warriors

  • Tiago Silva

    Tiago Silva

     2 months ago +1112

    Respect for Lowry, Ibaka and Danny for saying to their delusional fans to not cheer KD’s injury. Well done.

  • Christian


     2 months ago +79

    @5:01 that guy in 33. I know that everyone hated KD but cmon that's some serious injury. just imagine if you're in Durant's situation. have some respect man.

  • Cloud Thao

    Cloud Thao

     2 months ago +44

    DeMarcus almost gave this game AWAY!!! WOW good game Gsw

  • Island Boy

    Island Boy

     2 months ago +65

    When Kawhi was on that hot run in the 4th coach shoulda never called timeout 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️