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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • 2 days ago, I happened to be outside Casey Neistat's 368 office on Broadway in New York when a bunch of onlookers saw Casey and approached him aggressively. Here's my take (and also Casey's) on what happened.

    Say what you want to say in the comments. Do you agree with me? Do you think Blue Shirt Guy was out of line?

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  • bradmc1975


     7 days ago

    well i had never heard of CASEY NEISTAT until now,so i better see what the fuss is about

  • Videos by Josh

    Videos by Josh

     7 days ago

    The guy that also makes YouTube videos, wears ray ban like sunglasses with tinted lenses, rides an electric skateboard and hangs out outside 368. Is not the creepy part of this ? I feel like your maybe obsessed with Casey? I get what your trying to say through out the whole video and the point is there but the execution isn’t. Having a telephoto lenses pointed at the mans front door is strange. Running over the road like that guy did to get a pic is very strange. But so is loitering around videoing his office space for what feels like no reason. Like what would you use that footage for if not this kinda like you were waiting for something to happen or for Casey to come along so you could video it idk... strange.

  • onKnowLookWhatHap


     4 months ago

    Casey is stupid. I don’t get the appeal with that dude.

  • Max Ellison

    Max Ellison

     5 months ago

    What is so special about Casey Neistat?!? He's a blogger, photographer, videographer, tech influencer??? I don't get it. It's not like he famous outside those areas. Most people wouldn't even know the name unless they are interested in Vlog, photography, video! P.S. Do you stalk him everywhere, or just in front of his workplace?

  • Mark Hillenaar

    Mark Hillenaar

     5 months ago

    I really don't get people that are so obsessed with other people that are a bit known... who cares... they are just people that get their faces on youtube or tv... will a selfie with them make your life better? Are you instant cool? Looking for likes / views? 🤣😂

  • Jasip


     5 months ago

    I never ever understood what people see in this weird Casey Neistat 😂😂

  • Changing Liter

    Changing Liter

     6 months ago

    Casey loves it!!!

  • ROY FR

    ROY FR

     9 months ago

    You have his glasses....his board..his cameras....and you hang outside his place.....OK're a different shade of blue have a blue shirt......10k likes fo this virtue signalling.

  • Mr Trix

    Mr Trix

     9 months ago +1

    Who is Casey?

  • James Sheridan

    James Sheridan

     9 months ago

    This guy is a fucking weird o

  • The call of duty man Gonzalez

    The call of duty man Gonzalez

     10 months ago

    75% of the comments are 🤔 a stalker talking about stalkers hmmmmmm?

  • Minxi


     11 months ago +1

    I actually met him once on the street. Me and my sister took a selfie it was nice then we left him alone.

  • A B

    A B

     11 months ago

    I want a Casey reaction to being timelapsed for someone elses video

  • Ki E-Skate Mods

    Ki E-Skate Mods

     11 months ago

    Yes fuck Casey! He’s a piece a shit

  • jomie orbino

    jomie orbino

     a years ago

    Well what if the guy with the blue shirt really needed to take the picture I mean how do you know

  • CreepyReadings


     a years ago

    Your a fucking stalker dude if anyone needs to stay away it's you.

  • Tom Chappell

    Tom Chappell

     a years ago


  • no one

    no one

     a years ago

    always harrass him.hes spoiled and puts down people who dont try...his ego and loose lips makes him a target ...throw a pie in his face..he thinks hes funny
    watch him call the a KNARC

  • Martin Greytak

    Martin Greytak

     a years ago

    This is so creepy.

  • Inquiring Minds

    Inquiring Minds

     a years ago

    I don't feel shit for the situation because he can afford to pay for security. He's rich.